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HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF All Subjects Published – HSC 2023 Update News Today

For all the students who will be appearing for the HSC exams in 2022, a short syllabus has been brought on our website for the convenience of giving exams to these candidates. After preparing this syllabus from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, we have given it to you here and you can view the preparation by downloading the HSC syllabus from our website. There is no substitute for following a short syllabus if you have to prepare well in a short time and want to prepare well for the exam.

Moreover, if you follow this syllabus, it will not take much time to complete your syllabus and if you participate in the exam with confidence with very good preparation before the exam, you will be able to answer each question correctly and you will be at the forefront of exam results.HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

When this Department of Secondary and Higher Education has prepared a short syllabus for you, we have given you a short syllabus and by providing a short syllabus you have provided any kind of assistance regarding your examination. We know that in 2022 students will take exams in all subjects except information and communication technology and religious subjects.

HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF All Subjects

In some subjects written test of 50 marks will be taken and in some subjects written test of 40 marks and MCQ test of 10 marks will be held. However, since it is not too late for the exams, the students are no longer wasting their time and they have to complete their preparation by reading each subject seriously.

If a student appears in the examination center without preparation, it is seen that the preparation he has done is lost due to lack of confidence and forgets the answer to the known question. As a student, everyone should finish each subject properly and if he can finish, he will be able to give a revision in a way that a student will be able to master every subject well by giving his revision.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF Download

NCTB HSC Short Syllabus 2022 Science PDF





Business Studies

HSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download Link

1. Bangla 1_HSC 2022

2. Bangla 2_HSC 2022

3. English 1_HSC 2022

4. English 2_HSC 2022

5. ICT_HSC 2022

6. Physics 1_HSC 2022

7. Physics 2_HSC 2022

8. Chemistry 1_HSC 2022

9. Chemistry 2_HSC 2022

10. Biology 1_HSC 2022

11. Biology 2_HSC 2022

12. Higher Math 1_HSC 2022

13. Higher Math 2_HSC 2022

14. History 1_HSC 2022

15. History 2_HSC 2022

16. Islamic History & Culture 1_HSC 2022

17. Islamic History & Culture 2_HSC 2022

18. Civics 1_HSC 2022

19. Civics 2_HSC 2022

20. Economics 1_HSC 2022

21. Economics 2_HSC 2022

22. Logic 1_HSC 2022

23. Logic 2_HSC 2022

24. Sociology 1_HSC 2022

25. Sociology 2_HSC 2022

26. Social work 1_HSC 2022

27. Social work 2_HSC 2022

28. Geography 1_HSC 2022

29. Geography 2_HSC 2022

30. Business Organization and Management 1_HSC 2022

31. Business Organization and Management 2_HSC 2022

32. Accounting 1_HSC 2022

33. Accounting 2_HSC 2022

34. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 1_HSC 2022

35. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 2_HSC 2022

36. Production Management & Marketing 1_HSC 2022

37. Production Management & Marketing 2_HSC 2022

38. Islam Shikha 1_HSC 2022

39. Islam Shikha 2_HSC 2022

40. Child Development 1_HSC 2022

41. Child Development 2_HSC 2022

42. Food And Nutrition 1_HSC 2022

43. Food And Nutrition 2_HSC 2022

44. Home management1_HSC 2022

45. Home management 2_HSC 2022

46. Agriculture 1_HSC 2022

47. Agriculture 2_HSC 2022

48. Psychology 1_HSC 2022

49. Psychology 2_HSC 2022

50. Statistics 1_HSC 2022

51. Statistics 2_HSC 2022

52. Soil science 1_HSC 2022

53. Soil Science 2_HSC 2022

54. Home Science 1_HSC 2022

55. Home Science 2_HSC 2022

56. Arts and Craft 1_HSC 2022

57. Arts and Craft 2_HSC 2022

58. Arts & Textile 1_HSC 2022

59. Arts & Textile 2_HSC 2022

60. Arabic 1_HSC 2022

61. Arabic 2_HSC 2022

62. Sanskrit 1_HSC 2022

63. Sanskrit 2_HSC 2022

64. Pali 1_HSC 2022

65. Pali 2_HSC 2022

66. Light Music 1_HSC 2022

67. Light Music 2_ HSC 2022

68. Cassical Music 1_HSC 2022

69. Cassical Music 2_HSC 2022

70. ED 1st paper 180

71. ED 2nd paper 222

72. ED 2nd paper 182

73. ED 2nd paper 183


It is the nature of education that students will study and get good results by doing this study as well as apply their learning in real life. Moreover, it is very important for every student to get good results in filling up the admission form as university and other admission tests will be held after the HSC examination of the students.

Students are told that if you want to do something good in life and want to get admission in a good institution and take other opportunities then there is no option to get good results and in this case you have to stay in the study all the time Prepare as much as you can to answer. If you have any questions about the short syllabus or if you do not understand about it, you can ask the following questions in the comment box on our website.

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