HSC Scholarship Result 2021 Sylhet Board PDF Download

Did you participate in SSC 2020 exam? Then this post is for you. HSC Scholarship Result 2021 has been published for those who participated in HSC 2020 exam. The list of students of each board of this scholarship has been published. Those of you who want to know HSC Scholarship Result 2021, you can get it from here.

Sylhet Board’s HSC Scholarship Result 2021 is given on our website. Those who are students of Sylhet Board will be able to know this result. These results are given in various format on our website. Those of you who are able to download the scholarship results very easily.

They download the result file from our website. Then the students of Sylhet Board will be able to know about the result of HSC Scholarship. And you will be able to find your own name from it. There are times when it is too late to know the results at the right time. So it is wise to know at the right time. For those of you who want to get the result of Sylhet Board’s HSC Scholarship Result, see below.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 Sylhet Board

Sylhet Board achieves good results in HSC examination every year. Many students are awarded scholarships in the talent pool and general grades on the basis of good results. Like every year, in 2021 too, many students have received scholarships in Sylhet Board.

According to the announcement of the Mausi Department, 31 people have received scholarships in the talent pool in Sylhet Board. 592 students got scholarships in general grade. Good luck to all the students who were studying under the Sylhet Board and have been awarded scholarships.

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I wish them a successful life after education. And it is very important to know the list of names and serial numbers of those who have received this scholarship. For that, download the file from our website. And find out your serial number. Serial Number Scholarship Power Documents will be very useful.

HSC Scholarship Result 2021 Publish Date

On April 12, it was announced how many students from all over Bangladesh have received scholarships. According to that announcement, a total of 10501 people have received scholarships in nine boards of Bangladesh. Many of them have received scholarships in the talent pool.

Again many have received scholarships in general grades. The next instruction is to publish the list of names of students within 22 days. DSHE will publish the list of students’ names and roll numbers. Those of you who want to get the list of names will also get it from our website.

You can easily get it from our website. Then it is expected that HSC Scholarship Result 2021 will be published on 22nd or after 22nd.

Download PDF

HSC Scholarship Result 2021 PDF

How to Check HSC Scholarship Result?

Many of our students do not know how to view HSC scholarship results. Today we will teach them how to see HSC Scholarship Result 2021. For that you have to go to the DSHE website. You have to choose the list of scholarships in the content that is there.

You will see the HSC scholarship result as soon as you enter your roll number and registration number as per the instructions given there. Moreover, if you want to easily see the help of the result file of our website. So download the file. And you can see the names and serial numbers of the scholarship students of Sylhet Board.

HSC Scholarship Amount of Money

Scholarships are awarded to students every year. Because the education of indigent students should not be stopped for money. As a result, students have to be provided scholarships every year from the national income and expenditure budget. In this way the students can continue their further education smoothly.

Those who get scholarship in general grade will get 5 thousand 250 rupees per year. And those who will get scholarship in Talent Pool will get 11 thousand 700 rupees every year. Students will have to submit various documents to the designated institution to get this money.

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