HSC Scholarship Result 2021 Comilla Board Published PDF Download

Dear students, I hope everyone is well. You are aware that HSC Scholarship Result 2021 has been published. Those of you who want to get HSC Scholarship Result 2021 of Comilla Board, they can get it from our website. Comilla Board’s HSC Scholarship Result 2021 is given in the form of result file on our website.

If you download this result file, you will get the list of scholarship students. A list of names and roll numbers of the candidates who have received scholarships under the Comilla Board is given. So if you have participated in Comilla Board’s HSC Exam 2020, then download this result file. And find out if you have a name.

If you get it, good luck to you. So download that result file now to know the HSC Scholarship Result 2021 of Comilla Board.

HSC Scholarship Result 2021 Comilla Board

HSC examination is held every year in our country. But the 2020 exam was not held like last year. Students are given auto passes from time to time. Results are created based on students’ JSC and SSC exams. And based on that result, HSC Scholarship Result 2021.

Those who studied at Comilla Board can see the result of this scholarship. If your results are optimistic, we hope your name will be on it. As always, 69 students have received scholarships in the talent pool of Comilla Board. In general grade, Comilla board got 896 students. Best wishes and love to all the students who are on Comilla Board and have received scholarships.

HSC Scholarship Result 2021 Publish Date

According to the information given by the Department of Mausi, the HSC Scholarship Result 2021 will be published on April 22, 2021. The department has already mentioned how many students have received scholarships in which board. Bangladesh got 10501 students in HSC Scholarship Result.

I wish their next education life to be beautiful. And all the students who have received scholarships must check their serial numbers. So those who are students of Comilla Board can download the list of scholarships from our website.

How to Check HSC Scholarship Result?

How will Comilla Board students check HSC Scholarship Result? Let those who do not know know. You can find out by visiting the DSHE website. As per the guidelines given there, you can see the results of HSC Scholarship Result for the students of Comilla Board. Moreover, for those who feel troubled, there is another way.

Download the result file provided on our website. And as soon as you find the name in the result file, take note of your serial number. Then you will be able to easily find your name in the list of scholarship recipients of Comilla Board of Students.

HSC Scholarship Amount of Money

Scholarships are awarded every year to help students progress in their studies. To make arrangements so that the education of a student does not stop due to lack of money. Scholarships are given to the students every year from the national income and expenditure of Bangladesh.

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Those who get scholarships in the talent pool get a scholarship of 11 thousand 700 Taka every year. And those who get scholarship in general grade get 5250 Taka every year. Students can continue their studies with this money. To be honest I filled out a 4 year form with my HSC scholarship money. So those who have received scholarships should not waste this money. This money will be a blessing for you in education.

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