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All the students who will be participating in the HSC exams in 2023 will have to keep up to date with the informational aspects of the exams. So our website is providing every update of the information of HSC candidates for 2023 and those of you who have been thinking about how many marks will be taken in any subject so far, I will clear all the issues through this post today.

We know that the HSC exam of 2022 has not started yet and this exam will start very soon. Past 2021 HSC candidates took exams on just three subjects. Moreover, we have learned about how the HSC candidates will be tested in 2022.

Students who will take the HSC exam in 2022 will be tested in all subjects except information and communication technology. However, they will be tested for only 50 marks without taking the full 100 marks and in each case the test will be completed with the marks above 50 marks.

HSC Routine 2023 PDF

Recently a discussion meeting was held regarding the examination of HSC candidates in 2023. This discussion meeting decides how the students will be tested and how many marks will be taken on which subject. For those of you who do not know yet, get the updated information about the 2023 HSC exam from our website.

All the students in Bangladesh, that is, the students of 9 education boards across the country will be tested in the same way. According to the discussion meeting of that day, the students will be tested on all the subjects and the students have been asked to prepare on each subject.

However, it is important to note that this is not the case. Even if students take exams in every subject, they will not be asked questions from all the topics in a book and there is no need to prepare from all the topics. That means the syllabus will be short and it has been informed in the discussion meeting of that day.

Above the short syllabus, it has been ensured that the students will take the examination of full 100 marks without reducing the quality of the question paper. So those of you who are going to take the HSC exam in 2023 now have enough time and if you can finish the short syllabus according to the time then you can revise it and giving revision will give you more confidence to take this exam. So good luck to every student who can prepare before the exam and always play an active role in the study.

Since the results of HSC examinations play an important role in the life of every student and based on the results of these examinations various public university admission forms for higher education can be picked up, every student has to prepare well to achieve good results.

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