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Are you an Honours first year student? If you are a student of Honours 2020 then you know very well that you could not take the exam due to the circumstances. However, a notice has been issued by the National University due to the situation in the country and the situation in Corona being largely normal.

The notice said that the National University 2020 Honours first year students i.e. those who have now passed the second year conditionally, the Honours first year examination will be held in November. For this, every student has been asked to prepare for the exam.

National University Honours Routine 2021

You will receive the notice on our website and you will be able to collect the Honours first year routine published from our website. So those who don’t know the routine yet and those who don’t know when the exam is going to start, know that your exam is going to start from the fixed date in November. So you go to the bottom of our website and from there download the Honor First Year Routine 2021 in PDF file format for free.

Honours is taught in various colleges across the country under the National University. Students get admission in various colleges of the National University in 2020 on the basis of GPA and accordingly their classes start online. However, as always, the exams were supposed to be held on time, but it was not possible to open schools or educational institutions due to the tax situation in the country.

Honours Exam Routine

Therefore, those who were first year students of Honours were conditionally passed in the second year and they were also informed that the opportunity would be taken during their first year examination. Many students may have realized that they would not have exams and would only have to study for the second year. However, if the students pass the next class without just taking the test, then their first year results will not be determined.

Moreover, it will not be known how much they have learned in the first year. Because with the basics of the first year, many students can understand the lessons of the next year. Therefore, according to the decision of the National University, the examination is going to be held in November and for that purpose, a routine has been published to take the examination in November from the National University. Many students at the National University may not have had that routine yet or had the opportunity to collect it.

Honours Routine 2021 PDF Download Link

So we have arranged for you to download that routine completely free of cost. If you look at the routine, you will understand that your exam will be completed in a period of one to one and a half months. Moreover, those who have practicals will participate in the practical examinations by searching in their respective colleges and will complete your examinations in their respective responsibilities.

BBA, BA, BSS, BSc examinations are held every year under the National University. So many of you may not have experience about the first year Honours exam and do not understand how to read and how to get good marks in the exam if you answer. So all the things that have been asked to be read in your syllabus have become very beautiful and one thing you have to remember in a special way. That is to say, if you can achieve good results in the first year and second year of Honours, then these results will be very useful to you in the next year.

Because next year you will increase your studies a lot and then it will be very difficult to achieve good results. So for you, you will seriously consider the history of the rise of independent Bangladesh and the Bengali issues and try to do the best in those issues. Moreover, try to understand the basics of your department. So first of all you download the routine and find out how your exam will be and when. You will be able to know the gap between one test and another and will be able to study accordingly. Congratulations to the honoree first year examinees.

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