Honours 4th Year Exam New Date 2023 Declared by Nu.ac.bd

Are you a 2020 Honors Fourth Year Examiner under National University? Then you know very well that your exams have been postponed due to the situation. In the same way, four examinations of 2019 Honors fourth year students were postponed due to some circumstances and therefore the examinations of Honors fourth year students were postponed till February 6 to avoid health risks.

Students are eager to know when this postponed test will be launched and for that today on our website we will discuss the information regarding the announcement of the new start date of the honors fourth year test.

When the Ministry of Health announced on January 21 that the educational institutions would be closed till February 6, the students were thinking that their exams might continue and in this case the exams would be taken at the risk of health. But the National University announced in the afternoon that their examination has been postponed and you will be informed later when the date of commencement of the examination will be announced.

In this case, the official website of the National University from time to time to go to the notice board to find information about the start of the test. Therefore, for your convenience, the latest updated notice of the National University has been given on our website and if there is any notice related to the examination, it will be uploaded along with our website.Screenshot

We know that millions of students study under the National University and millions of students have participated in the fourth year exams that they are completing their bachelor’s degree after completing this exam. This will enable them to prove themselves in the easy job market by applying for BCS. However, due to the sudden escalation of the situation in Corona, the educational institution was abruptly closed due to the importance of avoiding the health risks of the students.

In this case, the test of the students may be taken in a few days, but even if the coronary heart disease infection is somewhat reduced, the test will be taken by the students and then there will be no health risk to the students. So many people may be thinking of completing the exam quickly to apply for BCS. But suddenly the exam will be stopped because you are not getting the opportunity to apply for APIR certificate.

However, if the Bangladesh Public Service Commission considers this issue for the students, then the application deadline can be extended and only then you can apply after completing the examination. Don’t worry too much as a student if you can study regularly for the next exam then it will be very good and if someone is not worried about a bad exam then you have to do well in the next exam. Moreover, the notice of our website will be given as soon as the date of new examination is announced for the honors fourth year students from the National University.

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  1. পরিক্ষা না নেওয়া হলে বিষ কিনে দিয়েন খেয়ে মরে যাই.2 বছর ধরে এই হতাশা আর ভালো লাগে না . আমাদের মত অনেক ছাত্র ছাত্রী এই করোনার মধ্যে সব হারিয়ে পরিক্ষার স্বপ্ন নিয়ে বেচে আছে . এভাবে সবার ভবিষ্যত এর স্বপ্ন গলা টিপে হত্যা করবেন না

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