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For all the citizens of Bangladesh, today we have discussed on our website the current rules for buying train tickets. For the convenience of those of you who travel by train to any part of the country for various needs, we have been given an idea on how to buy tickets online by accessing a specific web site on our website. If you want to buy tickets online, you need to register and buy tickets later. So if you want to know the detailed rules of registration and any rules to be followed in case of ticketing and how to pay, you must read this post from beginning to end.

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You will be able to know the details of the process of ticketing that has been introduced in Bangladesh Railway according to the new rules and if you follow this rule, I hope there will be no problem in ticketing. So if you need to buy a ticket, you must first complete the registration before entering the new website of Bangladesh Railway Ticketing. For those of you who do not know about the new website of Bangladesh Railway, the address of that website is given here and that address is

Once you enter this website, the ticketing process will start in front of you and for those who have not completed the registration, there will be trouble in booking tickets. So go to the menu option to complete the registration by entering the website and there you can do your registration. To register the full name of your birth registration certificate or national identity card, first enter this. You will then need to provide your mobile number, email address and some information twice to confirm.

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After providing the information you have to enter a password and you must type this password one more time to confirm. Use letters and digits to make the password stronger. This way you will follow the next step to complete the registration and after following the steps you will be informed about the OTP code via an SMS on your phone. Train Ticket Registration

You will collect the OTP code and put it in the correct room. You will then check your email and by checking the email if you are informed of the congress and your registration is confirmed then you will re-enter the website and cut the ticket from there. The first thing you need to know when buying a ticket is where you want to travel from.

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However, you have to select the date on which you want to travel and the train may not run on that day as per your demand. However, as soon as you specify the date and your class, you will know which trains are running on that day and you will also know when the train will arrive at the station. In this way you will follow the necessary steps to buy a ticket and go to the next page and select which seat of the bogie you want to get. Online Ticket Of Bangladesh Railway

After selecting the seat you have to make the payment and if you want to make this payment through mobile banking then you have to make it through bKash. Payment system through other mobile banking has not been introduced yet for the new launch of the website and other steps will be followed later. And if all your information is provided correctly and there is no hassle then your ticketing will be completed and the option to download the ticket PDF file will come up.