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DU C Unit Admission Question 2022 PDF Download

Those who want to see the solution of the question in the admission test held in the C unit of Dhaka University, can see the solution of the question from our website. For the convenience of the examinees, the answers to the multiple choice questions have been provided correctly and accurately on our website.After completing the test, many candidates want to see the answers to the questions and want to be sure how many questions they have answered correctly.

Dhaka University Admission Question 2022

For that purpose, this initiative has been taken on our website to help the students and various competitive exam questions are being solved on a regular basis. So if you want to see the solution of Dhaka University C unit admission test questions, go to the bottom of our website.

This admission test is held for the purpose of admission of honors first year students in the academic year 2020-21. However, every year the Dhaka University Admission Test is held on the Dhaka University’s own campus and in the surrounding centers, but the 2022 Admission Test Department is being held in the region. This is because this exceptional initiative has been taken considering the corona situation in the country and the health risks of the examinees.


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The test is being held at the same time in a total of eight divisional cities across the country. For that purpose, the teachers and officials of Dhaka University are appearing in the departmental city and taking the exams of the candidates. Moreover, the test takers are being sterilized through sanitation just before entering the center.


DU GA Unit Question Solve 2022 Today June 3, 2022

In a word, the test is being conducted in a very proper manner as it is being conducted in accordance with the proper hygiene rules. Similarly A and B units have been tested. Therefore, the admission test of C unit was held on 22nd October, i.e. on Friday in different centers of the country including the campus of Dhaka University. The admission test starts at 11 am and ends at 12:30 pm. The number of seats in the C unit of Dhaka University is 1250. 27 thousand 374 candidates from all over Bangladesh applied for the said seat.

Correct Answer of Today Question June 3, 2022

Therefore, according to the calculations, 22 candidates will compete for each seat. The candidates who can get higher marks in comparison and who have good GPA in SSC and HSC will get the opportunity to study in the designated seats of C unit of Dhaka University. So after the end of the test we have come up with the solution of the question for the convenience of the test takers.

By looking at the solution of the question many examinees will be able to be sure what kind of exam they have given in the examination center. Since they have to answer the written question number 40, they will not get much idea about it.

However, by looking at the multiple choice questions, they will understand a lot about how well their exams actually went. Question number 100 was given in the admission test of C unit of Dhaka University for the academic year 2020-21. Here you have to answer the multiple choice question of number 60 and the written question of number 40.

Moreover SSC and HSC GPA will be combined with 10 and a total of 20 numbers. So those who can get the highest marks in multiple choice written exams and above GP will get the opportunity to do BBA within 1250 seats.

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In addition, 45 minutes for answering multiple choice questions and 45 minutes for answering written questions is one hour and thirty minutes. So since you have come to our website to see the solution of the question, you will see the solution of the question from our website and get an idea about how the test was given.

Moreover, if the results of the admission test of Dhaka University’s C unit are published, we will be informed about that on our website.

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