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DU Kha (B) Unit Question Solution 2022 PDF MCQ Exam of Dhaka University Admission on June 4, 2022

If you want to get the solution of the question unit of Dhaka University to be held on 2nd October, you can get money from our website. For the candidates of B unit, our website has given the solution of the question of this examination held at Dhaka University. So for those who participated in the mentioned test, you can see the solution given on our website by going to the bottom of our website. In this way, if you have any confusion about any of your questions, you can remove the confusion around you.

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Dhaka University B Unit Question Solve 2022

Moreover, if you can see the answer to the question, then you will be able to know how many marks you are likely to get in the exam and whether you will survive the exam. If you think that you are likely to get a chance with B unit test. And if you feel that you will not be nominated for the B unit exam, then you can try other units of another university.

Dhaka University’s 2022 admission test started on October 1. In that continuity, the B unit examination was held on October 12 and a large number of students from all over the country participated in the examination in their respective departmental cities. Over the years, Dhaka University examinations have been held on its own campus and at other centers.


ut due to the do-it-yourself situation of 2022, examinations have been arranged in the departmental city without the pressure of so many students in the center of Dhaka University. Teachers and staff of Dhaka University are present directly at the examination center.

DU Question Solution 2022 All Unit

Brother, if you have participated in the B unit test and if you have passed this test, then you should now first check which ones you have answered with the test question paper. This will allow you to be more sure about your chances of getting this B-unit. Otherwise you can take any other action.

DU B Unit Admission Question Answer 2022

Dhaka University, popularly known as Oxford of the East, was established in 1921 and is now one of the leading educational institutions in the country. Every year thousands of children from this educational institution are going abroad to study after graduation and post-graduation. Moreover, the students of Dhaka University are able to increase their curiosity due to their study environment and adequate books.

The students who get the opportunity to study various subjects of Dhaka University come out with very good results at the end of the year and their future life is bright for them. So in the mind of every student there is a desire to study at Dhaka University. You may have any such desire and in that continuity I have filled the form online and participated in this examination of Dhaka University on 2nd October from your departmental city.

Based on the applications submitted by Dhaka University, it is said that twenty students will compete for each seat. Suddenly, compared to other years, all the students of B unit are taking exams and their competition rate is higher. So if you think that you are more likely to be nominated by participating in this competitive exam then good luck to you. And those who have somehow taken the test and left it to chance, if someone looks at the answer sheets given on our website, they will be able to make sure for themselves how likely you are to be here.

১. ‘ব্যর্থ” শব্দের সন্ধি-বিচেছদ হলাে – ক. বি + অর্থ

২. A cat in gloves catches no mice’-এর সমার্থক বাংলা প্রবাদ – গ. সােজা আঙ্গুলে ঘি ওঠে না

৫. ‘জাদু’ শব্দটি যে ভাষার – খ. ফারসি

১০. সিরাজউদ্দৌলা নাটকে ‘স্ট্যান্ডিং লাইক পিলার্স’ বলতে বােঝানাে হয়েছে – খ. নবাবের সৈন্যদের

১২. ‘চক্ষুর দ্বারা গৃহীত’-এর এক কথায় প্রকাশিত রূপ – গ. গোচর

১৪. ‘মানুষ স্বার্থের জন্য অন্ধ হয়ে যায়। যে রচনার উদ্ধৃতি – গ. বায়ান্নর দিনগুলাে


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The subjects of the humanities department of the B unit of Dhaka University are usually taught. Moreover, many people get the opportunity to study law from B unit. In addition, students have the opportunity to study all the subjects in different languages and complete graduation at the end of the stipulated time.

So if you want to study at Dhaka University and get a chance to get a good quality subject from B unit, then you can see the solution of the B unit admission test question paper held at Dhaka University from our website.


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