Du A (Ka) Unit Admission Result 2021 Published By Dhaka University

DU A Unit Result 2023 Dhaka University Admission KA Unit Live Now

Unit A of Dhaka University is a faculty of the Faculty of Science. Here students can complete their graduation in science subjects. So in their test center test question papers are made in two ways. Candidates answer multiple choice questions of 60 marks and participate in written test of 40 marks. If a candidate gets forty marks in both the examinations, then he will pass the examination.

However, the merit list of those whose results are better than theirs and who have achieved much higher marks in the examination will be published first. So if your name or roll number is in the message list then you will be informed via SMS that you have been nominated. Moreover, you will be able to know the number of your merit order number. Since the results have been published and you have been waiting for this result, check the results of our website without delay.

So you first go to the message option of your mobile phone to know the result. You can type DU from any SIM operator. Then you write down which unit you want to get the result with a little space. Then enter your test roll number respectively and you will send it to 16321 from any SIM operator. To view the result, type it and send it to the mentioned number.
DU <space> UNIT Keyword <space> Admission Test Roll and Send it to 16321.

If you send your SMS in this way, an SMS will be returned to your phone and through that SMS your merit list number will be informed and you will also be informed whether you are OK. All the brothers and sisters who have been nominated for the A unit of Dhaka University are wished good luck for entering the university life. If you have any questions about Unit A, please do not hesitate to comment on our website and we will try to answer.