Dhanmondi Govt Girls High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

If you want to get your child admitted to Dhanmondi Government Girls High School in Dhaka in 2022, you can get admission through lottery instead of admission test. In this case you can apply online at Dhanmondi Government Girls High School.

In fact, in making this application, you will be able to choose Dhanmondi Government Girls High School as well as four more schools. So those who have decided to study at Dhanmondi Government Girls High School or have decided to enroll your child, find out how to apply online at this educational institution from our website.

Admission test in all government and private educational institutions across Bangladesh through 2022 has been postponed. Instead of taking the admission test, students have to apply online by entering the GSA Teletalk com BD website and providing all the other information of the student and the parent of the student. You can pay a total application fee of Rs 110 through Teletalk SIM while applying for this.

Those who can apply will complete the application sitting at home and those who cannot apply will go to the online service store and apply under their own supervision. After applying, a confirmation SMS will come to your phone and the applicant will get a user ID and password. You save it because you can use it later to see the results of the student.

Dhanmondi Govt Girls High School Admission Result

All the students who have applied for admission in Dhanmondi Government Girls High School, their application results will be determined through lottery. However, this lottery will be decided by the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education through official random selection and not through educational institutions. Students will normally apply online from 25th November to 8th December and Dhanmondi Government Girls High School as a Government Educational Institution will give results on 15th December.

Once the results are provided, you will see the results by entering the link mentioned on our website with ID and password. Moreover, the names of the students who will be drawn in the lottery will be confirmed via SMS on their phones. Moreover, we will provide the results of Dhanmondi Government Girls High School for 2022 in the form of PDF file on our website. So you can keep an eye on our website to see the results.

Dhanmondi Govt Girls High School Info

Dhanmondi Government Girls’ High School, a reputed educational institution in the heart of Dhaka, is currently located in the heart of Dhaka. This educational institution was established in the year 1965 AD and since then it has been credited with good results by imparting education.

The leading role of this educational institution in the spread of women’s education is undeniable. The educational institution ensures 100% pass in JSC and SSC examinations every year. Moreover, the learning environment of the educational institution is able to increase the interest of any student towards acquiring knowledge.