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Dhaka Govt School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

Dhaka Govt School Admission Official Website Link

Those of you who are trying to get admission in government schools of Dhaka in 2022, get the detailed information about the admission notification from our website. According to the admission notification information provided by our website, you can apply for admission in a maximum of five schools according to the student admission class of all the educational institutions in Dhaka where students are admitted every year through admission test and are given a chance.

Therefore, for the residents of Dhaka, it will be a great opportunity to manage the admission process of students through lottery instead of admission test.

A website called Government School Admission has been launched to bring transparency in this lottery examination and by visiting this website students can apply online and participate in the admission process. Admission test is often held every year in 20 educational institutions in Dhaka and students are offered admission in certain classes. Therefore, taking admission test in 2021 in all these educational institutions may increase their health risk due to Corona situation and it may cause many bad problems.

Students are therefore asked to apply online to avoid the pressure of admission test and a lottery will be conducted according to the application of those who have completed the application in full and the student will be given the opportunity to be admitted in any one of the five schools.

In other words, students will be given the opportunity to be admitted through random selection and in this case, no preparation seems to be taken for the admission test of students. All you have to do is select the class for admission in government schools of Dhaka and apply according to which schools are enrolled in that class.

Dhaka Govt School Admission Result

If those who have applied for admission in government schools in Dhaka want to see these results, then you have to see the results on the specified day. According to the Government School Admission Authority, the results will be published on December 15 and you will be able to view the results on a specific website with the student’s user ID and PIN number without rushing to the school on the specified day.

However, the public will be present on the server at the same time to see the results and if there is any problem in this case, you will try again. Moreover, once the results are fully published, they will be given to the respective schools and from there you will be able to see the results. Moreover, the results of admissions in government schools in Dhaka will be given in the form of PDF file on our website so that you can easily view from here.

Dhaka Govt School Info

Many people who live in Dhaka district and are trying to get admission in different government schools of Dhaka are aware of the facilities of government schools in Dhaka. Since its inception there has been a lot of competition in these schools in Dhaka and every educational institution wants their educational institution to achieve something good in terms of results.

Moreover, even though the space of all the schools in Dhaka is less, there are different types of facilities and different types of competitions. So students can take lessons from here as well as take advantage of various other facilities.

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