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The results of the admission test of D unit of Chittagong University have been published. If you have participated in the admission test of the D unit of Chittagong University, then your responsibility to see the results of this test.

All the candidates who passed the examined examinations published a PDF file with the number of roll numbers and merit list numbers and the number of tests. If you want to see your results, then download the PDF files given on our website and find roll numbers. Below are the results of the admission test of D unit of Chittagong University for you, PDF files are given.

CU D Unit Result PDF 2023

In the 2020-21 academic year, graduation took the admission test of the D unit of Chittagong University to complete the admission process in the first year. This admission test was held at Chittagong University’s own campus. The number of sea-unit seats at Chittagong University is 1160 In contrast to the mentioned seats, about 57 thousand candidates appealed to D unit of Chittagong University. Several testers were missing in the center of the examination on the scheduled day. So nearly 49 candidates participated in the test against each of the seats.

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These candidates attended the examination of Chittagong University on their own campus and participated in the examination center. The Chittagong University provided several directions about taking the test and each candidate has to participate in the examination in compliance with this direction. For that purpose, before the start of the University of Chittagong, this guidance told these directions.

PDF CU D Unit Result 2023 Download

PDF of Chittagong University D Unit Result 2020-21

The admission test of D unit of Chittagong University was held on October 30 and 31. Since the number of the candidates number 57 thousand, Chittagong University authorities took this test in two shifts on two days.

So in order to accept this test in a day, the stress of the students will increase and students will go inside the health risk. Like other units, the admission test of the D unit of Chittagong University took several shifts. The examiners appear at the test center and participate in multiple electoral examinations of the number 100. The number of 100 numbers answers 30 numbers from Bengal to 30 numbers, English to 30 numbers, 20 numbers and 20 numbers from mathematics. They participate in this test and everyone tried to provide the highest correct answer.

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So Chittagong University authorities prepared the results. The pass number of the test is prepared a merit list for 40. About five thousand students pass this. However, a certain number of students will have the opportunity to be admitted to Chittagong University D unit.

So you will first download the results of the D unit given on our website. Then you will find your roll number and find out there you will see your number with your roll number and according to that according to your intellect list.