CU B Unit Question Solution 2023 Today October 28, 2023

You can see the solution of B unit questions of Chittagong University from our website. Through this post we are providing you the solution to the question of admission test of B unit held on 28th October. The solution of the question given to you has been prepared by the experienced teachers and this arrangement has been made to know the answer to your prescribed question.

So since you have finished the exam, check the solution of the question from our website and make sure. If you see the results of the admission test of B unit of Chittagong University, you will understand how many marks you can get in the exam or how much you are likely to be charged.

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Chittagong University Admission B Unit Question Solution 2023

There has been some delay in taking the Chittagong University Admission Test in 2023. However, due to the normal situation in Corona, everything has started again as before and the university admission test is being taken regularly. Admission test of Chittagong University is being conducted by following several guidelines. Prior to the commencement of the examination, the university authorities issued an instruction to the candidates and to the parents.

Candidates must read Max and appear at the examination center. Moreover, they have to follow the other health rules and participate in the test by appearing at the test center. Moreover, the university authorities have informed in advance what can and cannot be carried in the examination center. Finally the admission test of the unit was held on 27th October.

CU B Unit Question Solution 2023 Today October 28, 2023

Since the number of candidates is about 45 thousand, the two-day test is taken without taking the test on the same day. Today 28th October this test will be held in 1 shift. So the university authorities lined up each candidate to appear at the examination center by 9:45.

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Chittagong University B Unit Admission Result 2023 PDF Download Website

Shift 1, 2 Question Solve on October 28, 2023

Their test starts at 11am. This test will last for one hour. In this test, they were given 30 marks from Bangla subject, 50 marks from ICT subject and 35 marks from English subject. They try to give each correct answer by following proper hygiene rules. Since the test center is a different place and the answers known to many in this test center are wrong, it is only natural that many test takers will miss the answer to simple questions.

So no matter what the test is, if you want to know the answer to a given question, your first task will be to see the solution to the question from our website. We are providing you with solutions to Bengali, English and ICT questions and this solution is being provided in a completely accurate manner. It may be mentioned that there are 1221 seats in the admission test of B unit of Chittagong University.

The University of Chittagong publishes admission notice for admission in the first year of graduation in all the subjects of the Faculty of Arts and they participate in the admission test by applying online as per the admission notification.