CU A Unit MCQ Question Solution 2023 Download November 2, 2023 Exam of Chittagong University

CU A Unit Question Solution 2023
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In 2023, the University of Chittagong issued strict security measures due to the Corona situation. Moreover, for the admission test of this unit, 70,000 students did not take the test together on the same day but took the test in 4 shifts in two days. In other words, about 17 thousand crore students are participating in the exams in each shift and they are participating in the exams regularly according to the hygiene rules. Moreover, in order not to put extra pressure on the examination center, the candidates are being brought to the examination center in advance and the examination is starting from eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

Moreover, after the end of the examination, every examinee is being allowed to leave the classroom in an orderly manner. In this case, Chittagong University is taking the test in accordance with the proper hygiene rules. Admission test of this unit of Chittagong University starts on 1st November and today it will end on 2nd November. Many students from all over the country take the exam on the same day and have to give correct answers to their multiple choice questions. This time 49 candidates have participated in the admission test of this unit of Chittagong University for each seat.

However, due to the absence of a large number of candidates, the number of candidates will be reduced for each seat. So for those of you who are taking different university exams for university admission, Chittagong University is a high quality university. Moreover, the campus of this university in a beautiful natural environment creates a different kind of emotion for every admission test taker.

Not only the natural environment of Chittagong University but also the quality of education here is very good and every year a large number of students are graduating from here to pursue higher degrees abroad.

So Chittagong University will be a best choice for those who have been preparing for Chittagong University for so long. You have been working hard for the university and giving exams. So you can understand how successful this test will be by matching the type of test question paper and the answer sheet.