Chittagong Govt School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Apply within the stipulated time to enroll your child in various educational institutions within Chittagong. If you want to know how to make this application, you have to go to the bottom of our website and you will get an information about the admission notification.

So those who want to apply within the stipulated time must read the admission notice and apply according to the information and conditions given in the admission notice. If you read this admission notice, you will be able to apply to all the educational institutions in Chittagong for admission in different educational institutions according to age and class.

However, the prerequisite for applying is to read the admission notice and apply as you have been asked to apply here. For admission in government educational institutions mainly in Chittagong, you have to go to the official website of Government School Admission and apply there. If you enter the GSA Teletalk com BD website then you will understand that there are two options and you have to select any one option. If you want to apply for government school, click on the application option for government school admission.

Then upload the student’s picture with all the student information and provide the student’s parent’s information. Once the information is provided, submit the application fee of Rs. 110 as application fee to the user ID that will be provided to the student. After completing the application, you must print a copy of the application and keep it in your collection. Moreover, those who want to apply at home, they can easily apply.

Chittagong Govt School Admission Result

For the purpose of admission in the new class in 2022, the admission results in the government schools of Chittagong will be given on the specified day and those who are waiting to see the results should read this post carefully on our website. Government School Admission Authority has confirmed that the results of Chittagong Government School Admission will be released on 15th December and the results will be released on the scheduled date. The Government School Admission Authority will conduct lottery activities for the students through internet connection.

All the students who will get admission as per the application of various educational institutions located in Chittagong through this lottery program will be nominated with the name of the educational institution and this information will be communicated through SMS. For this result you have to wait for the allotted time without any extra worries and those who are going to see the immediate results go to the official website of Government School Admission and login with the student’s user ID and PIN number to see the results.

Chittagong Govt School Info

Chittagong is a reputed district and within this district there are many educational institutions where students get admission every year through admission test. There are different educational institutions located in the interior of Chittagong and every year the Chittagong Board of Education is far ahead in terms of results. Moreover, the experienced faculty in each educational institution always pays attention to the results by providing information to the students and every year different types of festivals are organized in these educational institutions so that the students can study with ease.