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All the students who want to get the results of BOU BA/BSS exams in 2023 should follow the rules of our website today and if you follow these rules you will be able to see your own results directly on the official website.

At present, almost every student has a high speed internet connection and it is possible to view their National University exam results at home through the internet connection. But since yesterday many students could not see their results due to server problems and want to see today’s results.

Bangladesh Open University BA/BSS Result 2023 result 2023 ba/bss. We will discuss the correct rules for showing these results on our website and if you think you can see your results from our website then I will tell you that you can’t see any results from here and if you don’t see the results then you must follow the post.

BOU Result 2023 BA/BSS Marksheet Check

The examinations for the BOU BA/BSS first year candidates of 2020 are taken from November 13, 2021 and the examinations are running till the end of December but later the date of practical examination is announced from one’s own educational institution.

Students wait for their results after taking the test and they think that their test results will be published in the next three months. The results of their examinations were finally released on April 21, and the National University authorities issued a notice on the morning of April 21 in this regard.

BOU BA BSS Result 2023 Server Problem Solved

However, the results were found on the official website from one o’clock in the afternoon. Many students entered the server to view the results together and many of them could not see the results due to server problems.

For those of you who have not seen the results yet, I would like to tell you not to enter the first one which is the official website of the National University. Enter this official website Then what you need to do is understand all the information as an BOU BA/BSS student. However, to see the results, you need to use the registration number and use 2020 as your exam year. Then you can see the results based on the information provided by you.

ba/bss exam result 2023

Nearly four lakh seventy four thousand students from all over the country participated in the BOU BA/BSS First Year Examination 2020 and many students across the country have been able to achieve the expected results after participating in the examinations.

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So if you have not yet found a way to view your results then copy the website link shown on our website from here and go directly to the official website to see the results. For those who have struggled for so long and are waiting for the test results, our website wishes you the best of luck and be happy to see your results.