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For the information of all types of students, it is being informed that our website has adopted a new system to update all types of information to those of you who are studying in various types of courses under Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. That is, all the students who study in this category can know the update of every notice given by the authorities related to their studies from our website.


You may have to visit the official website and check from there to know the latest information updated by the authority or the kind of notice published recently. But it will be very good for you when you know this information from our website and you can collect it by following very simple rules.

At present, many students are studying under Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council and every year they are preparing to complete all the academic activities within the stipulated time from taking their timed examination. So if you want to keep updated from the various notices provided by the authorities regarding this study, then you can know the updates as the studies of the students are progressing continuously due to the absence of any kind of problem. If we can inform you about the updates of each subject, it will be very convenient for you to know them and based on that information you will know every information from taking your exam to seeing the result.

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Under the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council, the examination is conducted every year within a certain period and before taking the examination, a certain type of class system is conducted. In addition to taking holidays at various times in educational institutions, depending on the holidays that are given, the students of later classes have to participate. So when you visit our website to know different types of notices related to holidays, we will provide you the original notices issued by the authorities and you can easily check the notices from here without any hassle. Also, we provide you with notices regarding various activities of an educational institution.

Important notices are given to the students to fill up the form before the examination will be held in the educational institution. Based on that given notice, students fill up the form within the specified time and perform important tasks starting from paying money to appear in the exam. So when you want to be updated about all these information, our website will inform you about the latest published notice of Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council and you can fill the form knowing all these information. Moreover, after completing the form filling, you can know all the information about the date being announced for taking the exam.

Also, many students are not aware of the rules of checking the result after the declaration, so we try to inform you how to check the result or when the result will be declared. You can be aware of the notice by visiting the specific website informing about the result checking rules and result checking date. Moreover, different types of notices are published regarding the opening or closing of various institutional activities which you can collect from our website.