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Vidyamoyee Govt Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

Vidyamoyee Govt Girls High School Admission Official Website Link

Vidyamayi Government Girls High School is a reputed educational institution in Mymensingh district and every year students can be admitted in new class through the admission test of this educational institution. Students who wish to apply for admission in the educational institution in 2022 have been issued an admission notice from Vidyamayi Government Girls High School and students have been asked to apply for admission. However, in case of admission in 2022, no admission test will be held for the students and students will be able to participate in the admission process through lottery process only by applying online.

In that case students will be able to apply by visiting the official website of GSA Teletalk com BD till December 7 and in order to make this application some important information of the student and his / her parents will have to be provided.

Since the admission process of the students will be conducted through lottery, you have to apply online carefully and within 24 hours after receiving the student’s user ID after completing the application, you have to deposit the salary fee of Rs. 110 as application fee in this user ID. So apply within the stipulated time and take the opportunity to be admitted by participating in the Vidyamayi Government Girls High School Admission Program.

Vidyamoyee Govt Girls High School Admission Result

Government School Admissions has issued a notice stating that the admission results of Vidyamayi Government Girls High School will be published on 15th December and on what date. To show the results you have to wait for some time on the scheduled day and go to the official website of Government School Admission with the student’s user ID and PIN number. You can see this result by providing all the information there.

However, if the names of the five schools that you have applied for are not mentioned or selected, then you must keep an eye on the website mentioned again to show the results after the second merit list i.e. after 20th December. We wish you the best of luck on our website and we wish you the best of luck in getting the Government Girls High School you want.

Vidyamoyee Govt Girls High School Info

Vidyamayi Government Girls High School Mymensingh is a secondary education institution. This educational institution was established on the 1st of January, 1873 AD. This educational institution is presently under Dhaka Board of Education and admission test is held every year in this educational institution. Madam Nasima Akhter is currently the headmistress of Vidyamayi Government Girls High School.

He is sowing the seeds of education, energy discipline and progress among the students under his supervision. The students who study in this educational institution always play an active role in their studies and the educational institutions under the Dhaka Board of Education are far ahead in terms of results every year.

At present, the students of class IV to X are regularly studying in this educational institution and the number of students is about one thousand 350. Every year a variety of cultural events as well as sports events are organized in the city-centered educational institutions.

Moreover, the students take the opportunity to develop their talents through their own participation in various co-educational activities on their own initiative. This educational institution has an official website and all kinds of information is updated on this official website and students can view all the information through the official website at home.

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