Sunamganj Govt SC Girls High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Students who want to apply for admission in Sunamganj Government SC Girls High School of Sunamganj District can get all the information related to the application for admission from our website in detail. Because there are many people who can’t fill the application form properly and if they make a mistake in filling the application form then that application will not be filled properly. So in order to fill in properly, our website has a link to the website and instructions on how to fill it out.

As you know, the admission process for the ninth class of the new school is starting in 2023. If you want your children to be admitted in the admission process, you have to apply online. In that case if you are a resident of Sunamganj then you can apply for Sunamganj Government Girls High School and through the application you can get the opportunity to study in that school. If you apply in 2023, the admission test will not be held according to your application but the students will be selected through lottery according to the application.

So those of you who want to apply for Sunamganj Government SC Girls High School must enter the GSA Teletalk com BD website and go there and fill in all the required information correctly. Once the application is completed, according to the student’s user ID, you have to submit the application fee of Tk 110 through Teletalk SIM recharge and through this you will get SMS and this SMS will be your confirmation SMS.

So apply for admission in the new class of Sunamganj Government Girls High School 2023 as per the guidelines shown above. You will have time to apply for the said school from 25th November, 2021 to 8th December.

Sunamganj Govt SC Girls High School Admission Result

The results of Sunamganj Government Girls High School will be provided in the form of PDF file on our website. The results will be announced by the Government School Admission on 15th December and according to that announcement the results will be published in PDF format on our website according to the roll number of the students. Moreover, when the student applied online, he got a user ID and PIN number.

Enter the website shown on our website with that PIN number and user ID and the results will come only after you go there and submit them. If any student still cannot see the result then you must enter your roll number and PIN number on our website. We will let you know the results as soon as possible.

Sunamganj Govt SC Girls High School Info

Sunamganj Government SC Government High School was established in 1940 AD. According to the motto of the educational institution, regular education is given in this educational institution and the students are taken care of all the time. Hafez Md. Mashud Chowdhury, the headmaster of the educational institution, under his supervision ensures the subject matter of the students at all times and various co-educational activities have been arranged for the development of the talents of the students.

This educational institution can achieve good results every year. At present the total number of students in this educational institution is 1,135. Educational institutions are regularly studying the students of class VI to X. Therefore, the educational institution for girls within Sunamganj district is a significant educational institution.