SSC MCQ Pass Mark 2023 – SSC GPA 5 Marks 2023

Many of the students who took the SSC exam in 2023 do not know how much they can pass the SSC exam by getting the MCQ exam of 2023. Because the mcq test is a bit difficult they are worried and want to know the correct answer. That is why our website will tell you how much you can pass the SSC Exam 2023 by getting different MCQ exams in Science, Humanities and Commerce. So read this post from our website carefully from the beginning to the end to know how much you can pass the MCQ exam of SSC exam 2023.

Students are taking exams in short form without providing auto pass in case of SSC exams in 2023. This test will start on November 14th and will continue till November 23rd. Without taking the examination of the required subjects, the authorities are taking the examination of the subjects. In other words, the subjects that are compulsory in the field of science are being tested. Students are worried about the exam because they did not have much preparation for the exam and did not ask too many multiple choice questions by participating in the exam.

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That is why today I will remove your confusion through this post and through this post you will be able to know how many MCQs of SSC exam 2023 can be passed if you get at least number of marks. Students who participated in the SSC 2023 examination from the science department were given 25 practical multiple choice questions.

They have to answer 12 questions within this practical multiple choice question. If you answer 5 correct questions out of 12 then you can pass. In addition, 15 multiple choice questions will be provided for Commerce and Humanities students. If they can answer ten out of thirty multiple choice questions correctly, then they can pass the test.

In other words, no matter how many questions have been asked, it is possible to pass the exam only if you can answer 33% correct questions. So in order to participate in the exam, you must answer the correct question to get the pass mark. The answer to this multiple choice question of the students’ test is that you will get the number as the test number will be determined by converting 12 numbers to 25 numbers and 15 numbers to 30 numbers.

SSC GPA 5 Marks 2023

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So good luck to the participating SSC candidates of 2023 so that they get a chance to pass the exam by participating in the exam even though the educational institution is closed. Moreover, after taking each test, the solution of the question is being provided on our website. Keep an eye on our website to know the answers to the correct questions and any information related to SSC Exam 2023.

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    I am a student of SSC in this year. And according to me we should get opportunity to pass the exam test with lowest marks because we couldn’t study and we didn’t get any kind of preparation for exam.

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