SSC History MCQ Question Bank 2023 with Solution PDF Download All Board History & World Civilisation Exam

SSC History & World Civilisation MCQ Question Solution 2023 Download All Board of Barisal Board, Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Gazipur, Jessore, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Madrasah, Technical Education Board. Correct Answer of Itihash O Bissho Sovvota Exam

The solution of multiple choice questions of the exam which has been held in the book of history and world civilization of Bangladesh in 2023 is available on our website. This solution has been prepared and uploaded on our website by an experienced faculty and each student will be able to see how the test went by looking at the solution. If you are a candidate of SSC 2023 Humanities Department, then today is your first exam, that is, the exam for the book History and World Civilization of Bangladesh.

SSC History MCQ Solution for All Board

This test was conducted at the same time in a total of nine boards across Bangladesh. Instead of taking the full 100 marks like every year, 45 marks have been taken which will be converted into 100 marks by the National Board of Education. So you can check and match the solutions on our website to find out how accurate the answers to all the multiple choice questions you provided during the exam are. For your convenience at the bottom of our website SSC History Multiple Choice Question 2023 is provided.

SSC History MCQ Question Solution 2023 History & World Civilisation Exam

Although SSC exams are held regularly in Bangladesh every year, it was not possible to take the exams on time in 2023 due to the current situation. Due to the health risks of the students, the educational institutions were closed for a long period of 7 months and the students were taught online.

SSC Question Solution 2023 PDF Download All Board MCQ & Written

Correct Answer of Itihash O Bissho Sovvota Exam

However, students in remote areas of Bangladesh have not been able to avail the benefits of online classes and they have been left far away from their studies. Students can pass the next class because the educational institution was closed but it does not give a proper assessment of a student.

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Therefore, the students will not take the exam on the whole syllabus but only on the subjects of the department. In this test you have to answer 30 creative questions and correct answers to 15 out of 30 multiple choice questions. However, due to the distance of students from reading, the textbooks are now very difficult for them and the answers to all the multiple choice questions given in the examination center are now unknown to many of them. The answer to the student’s question was wrong.

SSC History Question 2023

We have a website to check the accuracy of all the answers given by the test center and by looking at the solution of your question from here you can determine how well you will need to do your next test. Since you are a student, your main job is to study and complete the exam by giving the most correct answer in the exam and answering the question nicely.

Moreover, the GPA of SSC exam will be useful in every field of life, so you have to give a good test. Our website wishes good luck to those who participated in the test and you can keep an eye on our website to get the solution of the next test questions in your department i.e. humanities department.

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