Rangpur Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

People who live in Rangpur district and are trying to get admission in a reputed educational institution for the purpose of ensuring a bright future for their child can complete the online application for admission in Rangpur district school for the purpose of admission in 2022. Every year there is a fierce competition for admission in Rangpur district school.

Because the education system of this educational institution is so standard that parents try hard to get their child admitted in this educational institution. If you want your child to be admitted in the new class of 2022, you can pick up an application form for school admission in Rangpur district.

In order to make this application, you will enter this link provided by our website and there you will apply online by providing the information of a student as well as providing the correct information of the parent. When applying online you will be sure to fill in all the information correctly and once the application is made you will submit the admission application fee to the user ID that you will get. If you do not understand how to submit the application fee, then go to the store of various online services and get help. Moreover, our website has various information related to admission and admission guidelines.

Rangpur Zilla School Admission Result

If you have applied for admission in Rangpur District School in 2022, then the admission results will be published on 15th December. The results are due to be released on December 15, according to the notice for Rangpur District School to be an assistant medium educational institution. Once the results are provided, the results will be uploaded on the official website of Rangpur District School and the students will be confirmed via SMS on their phone.

Moreover, the results of all the students who will get a chance in Rangpur District School will be shown to you in the form of PDF file on our website. So, as the admission process is being conducted through lottery, we have to rely on luck here and I wish that luck will help you.

Rangpur Zilla School Info

Blessed educational institution took a significant part of Rangpur District School Rangpur. The policy sentence of the educational institution is: Knowledge is power and the students are achieving good results every year by focusing on this policy sentence and are running the country at different important stages all over the country.

This educational institution was established in 1832 AD during the British rule at Kachari Bazar Road in Rangpur district. Abu Raihan Mizanur Rahman, the present head of the educational institution, has ensured the quality of education of the students through proper care.

Moreover, a total of 55 teachers of the educational institution are always active in the subject of student education. This educational institution teaches students from third to tenth class. Bengali is the medium of instruction in Rangpur district school. Moreover, the original building with the sports premises of the educational institution is so spacious that it will help in the mental development of any student. Deshbarenya different people have studied from this educational institution. This educational institution belongs to Dinajpur Board of Education and every year students are admitted in the educational institution through admission test.