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Rangpur Govt Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Rangpur Government Girls High School, located in North Bengal, Bangladesh, is a significant and reputed educational institution for girls. Every parent living in Rangpur tries every year to get their daughter admitted to Rangpur Government Girls High School.

However, those whose children do not get the opportunity to study in this educational institution due to various reasons can apply again in 2022. If there is an opportunity to apply according to the conditions of this school, then you must apply.

Because in 2022 a student will get the opportunity of Rangpur Government Girls High School only depending on luck. Although every year Rangpur Government Girls High School has been given the opportunity to admit the students who got the highest marks through the admission test, the students will be given the opportunity to be admitted through the lottery of 2022. Therefore, the students of Rangpur Government Girls High School do not seem to accept any kind of preparation for admission in the new class of 2022.

Students will only apply online from 25th November to 8th December and wait till 15th December to get the results. Apply for a student online.

Rangpur Govt Girls High School Admission Result

Many students have applied to Rangpur Government Girls High School to become a reputed educational institution. However, the online application process for admission in this educational institution will be completed automatically and all the students who get a chance in this application process will be able to get admission in the new class. According to the information of Government School Admission, the lottery of Rangpur Government Girls High School will be held on 15th December.

The results will then be uploaded on the official website and a student will be able to see if he has a chance at the educational institution he has chosen with his user ID and PIN number. Moreover, the list of students can be viewed by entering the official website of all the educational institutions. So stay calm without rushing to see the results of admission in Rangpur Government Girls High School and if you get a chance to get admission in this school then you must complete all the admission activities as per the conditions of the school.

Rangpur Govt Girls High School Info

The main motto of Rangpur Government Girls High School is: – Knowledge is power. This educational institution is being run by utilizing the power of knowledge of a student. Although established in 1876 AD, at present the educational institution is able to achieve good results every year in the city of Rangpur.

Madam Farida Yasmin, the headmistress of the educational institution, always takes various activities and initiatives for the development of the students and their talents. At present there are 53 teachers in this educational institution and students from class III to class X are studying in this educational institution regularly. Every year various competitions including various cultural programs are organized in this educational institution and various initiatives are always taken to ensure the learning environment.

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