ramadan sehri time 2023 bangladesh

The month of Ramadan is the month of mercy. The month of Ramadan is the month of virtue. The month of Ramadan is the month of getting closer to Allah Almighty. The Almighty Allah has told us to look at the month of Ramadan with more importance than the whole year. Almighty Allah told us that you will complete all the fasts in the month of Ramadan. Because if we can observe all the fasts correctly in the month of Ramadan.

Then Allah Ta’ala will love us, Allah Ta’ala will like to see us as a good citizen, an honest Muslim citizen. All of us who believe in Islam. Let’s continue our activities in the hope that all those who have all the thoughts and feelings of Islam in themselves will reach the Almighty Allah. Each of us conducts our activities in the hope of receiving Allah’s love. And fasting in the month of Ramadan is the responsibility of each of us to complete all the activities according to the word of Allah. What we have to do from this responsibility is that we have to complete Sehri and Iftar at the right time.

We have to obey the directions of Allah at the right time. Along with that, the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, has informed us about these things. We have to follow all the directions given to us. And along with the Almighty Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, said that fasting should be observed in the month of Ramadan. We must fast during the month of Ramadan. And this is an obligatory worship. If one does not perform the obligatory worship, he will be identified as a hypocrite. And a hypocrite can never get near Paradise. Can’t reach heaven. The place of the hypocrite citizen is definitely hell and the last level of hell.

Ramadan sehri time calendar 2023


During the month of Ramadan, many reputed companies of our country release calendars containing Sehri and Iftar schedules in the market to promote their companies. Calendar strives to bring their customers, their wholesalers, and their dealers closer to the scent. If they create these calendars, they have two jobs. One is that there is a promotion of their company as well as the work of worship. And so many try to manage these activities. Many conduct these activities to get their company’s name out there.

If you want to get these calendars then you must have a good relationship with those companies. If you can build a good and good relationship with those companies then you can also get a calendar. And by getting this calendar you can let people around you know the correct time for Sehri and Iftar. Common people can get help from you at any time and if you can complete Iftar.

You know that a lot of help is needed during the month of Ramadan. And if you can help a person by providing Sehri and Iftar schedule. Then this is also an act of worship. And if you can complete this act of worship correctly, then you will be able to share many rewards. And the purpose of each of us is to get reward. So that we can reach heaven. By going to Allah we can say that we have spent a lot of time in the way of Allah for Allah. This is what we all want. We are all working towards this desire. And if you can reach the people around you with the calendars for the correct timing of the month of Ramadan, they will also pray for you.