Rajshahi Govt School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

An admission notification has been issued for admission in all public and private educational institutions located inside Rajshahi and according to this admission notification, students can apply online till December 8. Those of you who apply for admission in various educational institutions within Rajshahi every year and cannot be nominated even after participating in the admission test can take this golden opportunity for admission in the new class of 2022.

Because for the purpose of admission in the new class in 2022, the Government School Admission Authority will conduct the admission process of the students through lottery instead of the admission test in all the educational institutions of Bangladesh including all the educational institutions within Rajshahi.

So if you do not want to take this opportunity, you have to go to the official website of Government School Admission within the stipulated time and apply there by providing all the correct information of the student and his / her parents.

Moreover, when you apply, you can apply by placing a total of five educational institutions in Rajshahi on the preferred list according to the student’s class. So if you want to apply, keep the application within the stipulated time and after the completion of the application, when the unique user ID of the student will be available, pay the application fee of Rs. 110 through that user ID through Teletalk SIM recharge.

Rajshahi Govt School Admission Result

Those who have already applied for admission in Rajshahi government schools may be waiting for the results and are worried about when the results will be released. But the Government School Admission Notification has informed that the results will be published on the official website on December 15. Moreover, every student will be informed via SMS on their phone which school they have been selected for.

It usually takes some time to process the SMS and in this case if you are eager to see the results then the student can enter the official website with unique user ID and PIN number to view the results. So if you do not want to wait or if you do not receive an SMS on your phone, then you must enter the GSA Teletalk com BD website and go there and click on the option to view the results and log in with the student’s user ID and PIN number. Then the results will come in front of you and according to those results you will get the opportunity to study in the designated school.

Rajshahi Govt School Info

Within the whole of Bangladesh, the city of Rajshahi is called the city of education and there are various types of educational institutions which can take the first place in terms of education every year. This dust-free city has an open environment for studying and students can enjoy studying in all these educational institutions.

Each educational institution has a variety of co-curricular activities for the students to participate in, and each year each educational institution organizes cultural events as well as various science fairs and educational subjects. So apply for admission of your child in Rajshahi within the stipulated time and see the results within the stipulated time.