PSC Result 2018

PSC Result 2018

Are you looking for PSC Result 2018? Then you came to the right place. You can easily get PSC result from our website. Please read our post carefully to get your result.

PSC Result 2018 with Marksheet

Primary school certificate or PSC is a government test that is taken under the primary board of Bangladesh. In order to participate in this examination, students from the school board approved by the Bangladesh Education Board in the fifth grade must have passed the test and students have to sit in the main examination on the date set by the Board. This test is also known as the primary closing test. Primary school certificate PSC test is introduced from 2009. Although the results of divisional results for the first two years have been given in grading methods since 2011. Ebtedayayi is a government test for madrassa students approved by the Education Board of Bangladesh in the fifth grade equivalent of PEC Primary School Certificate, which is taken under Primary Board of Bangladesh. This test is known as the primary ibtaydi closing test. Ibthedi’s closing examination introduced the PEC examination from 2010. Source: Primary School Certificate

PSC Result 2018 is a major issue in Bangladesh currently. A few lakh examinees have now participated in the PSC examination. They are all waiting for a test result. Those are not the only PSC examinee waiting for the results. Other members of their family are also eagerly waiting. We will discuss PSC Result 2018 today. Read our post with full attention to know more.

PSC Result 2018

When will the PSC Result 2018 be Published?

PSC result is usually published on December 30 or 31. But since the 11th national election this year, there may be a slight change on the date of publication of the PSC result. When the results are published, you can easily find your results from our website. Before knowing the results, let us know about some information about PSC exam 2018. PSC Results 2018 PSC results are published in 2018. You can easily get PSC results 2018 from here. On the PSC result every year, Education Minister handed over the results to the Prime Minister. Like every year, he will be giving results to the Prime Minister this morning. Then the education board website will be published. Education Board’s official website:

Primary Education Completion Results of 2018 or PSC Result 2018

The full meaning of the psc is the primary end examination. The certificate that is available for the completion of the 5th grade is the PSC certificate. To be admitted to class 6, everyone has to take part in PSC examinations. PSC test is held every year from November 2010. Check out some of the PSC exam 2018: Starting the test: 18th November, 2018 Examination ended: 26 November, 2018 Total Items: 7 Subjects: Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Religion Education Total number: 650 Education Board: 8 Exam pattern: written (stylistic) Total examinations: 26,70,333 people Total centers: 2903 Total companies: 29,677 Publish Results: December 26, 2018 PSC Result 2018 You can learn the PSC results in different ways. Below are some of the most popular ways to discuss the details.

How to Know  PSC result 2018 from your school?

Can be able to collect results from their own educational institutions. Result collection results in their respective organizations, it is relatively difficult. Because, here you need to go to your body and know the result. After publishing results, educational institutions collect all the results of their organization. Then print it and put it on the notice board of the school. Students have to find out their rolls from the list. It’s a lot of trouble and rugged. Below are two methods easier than groom. Now we will talk about how to know the PSC results through mobile SMS.

PSC Result through SMS 2018

On the day of the publication of the result, after one afternoon, sending the SMS to the mobile phone will show the PSC results. You can easily get the results of your test results through mobile SMS. To get the PSC in the SMS, follow the rules below. You can collect PSC results via SMS from mobile. You have to follow the steps below. Go to the message option of the mobile, write DPE then enter space with your Thana or Upazila code followed by PSC roll no. And then with the space-type test time and send it to 16222. You will get your results in the return SMS. DPE 1234 123456 2018 SEND 16222 Ibtaydai Result 2012 via SMS Go to the message option of the mobile and enter the message above, instead of just DPE, send EBT and send it to 16222. You will get your results in the return SMS. EBT 1234 123456 2018 SEND 16222

Procedure to know the online PSC Result 2018

পিএসসি/ইবতেদায়ী রেজাল্ট ২০১৮

There are many of you who are trying to see online PSC results since the end of the exam. Is it really possible to see the results before? JSC results reveal a long process. Because every candidate participates in the PSC examination. It is not so easy to evaluate the list of such candidates. The numbers obtained after the scrutiny assessment are processed. The numbers are automatic grading with those numbers. After this the results were published. Therefore, it is never possible to publish the results a month and a half before the end of the test. Shortly before the results were published, news of all the news of Bangladeshi publication was being published. If you are aware of the news that the results will be published at the time of the next, it is possible to collect the results after that particular time. No rumors will be heard in this regard. Now come to the real words, how to know the PSC result 2018 online.

Online PSC or PEC exam results will be available on the Directorate’s Primary Education website. To get the result, will be given the name of the examination, year, division, district upazila / thana and roll number on your website. You can now get online PSC results online in digital Bangladesh. To collect the JSC result, first you need to visit Khadi Board official website. We will enter the address of the Ethel site for your convenience.

First you need to visit on this website. Go to this web site, get the test name, year, division, district upazila / thana and roll number, your result will be available.  


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