Pirojpur Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

The application form for admission in Pirojpur Government High School in 2022 is going to be filled through lottery instead of admission test. Those of you who have not yet picked up this application form can pick up the application form today.

According to the notification issued by the Government School Admission, you can apply online from November 25 to December 8 and you can apply by placing this application in the list of maximum 5 schools. So those who want to get the new school admission in 2022, apply for the government school admission online and wait for the lottery results.

Although students are admitted through Pirojpur Government High School admission test every year, it is not possible to take this admission test in 2022 due to the current situation in Corona. This can increase students’ health risks and cause other problems. So students will apply online and Government School Admission will manage the lottery automatically. Then you will see the results on the scheduled day and complete the admission by fulfilling the conditions of the school.

Pirojpur Govt High School Admission Result

If you have applied for Pirojpur Government High School then know that the result you are waiting for will be published within the stipulated time. However, according to the information of Government School Admission, the results of Pirojpur Government Girls High School are to be published on 15th December.

Go to the GSA Teletalk com website on your scheduled day to show the results and check the results of Facebook Government High School with students and PIN numbers. If you get a chance by looking at these results, then go to the designated school and complete the admission by providing all the documents that need to be submitted.

Pirojpur Govt High School Info

Pirojpur Government High School is a reputed educational institution within Pirojpur district and this educational institution adopts digital medium in the field of education system. All the information of this educational institution is regularly uploaded on the official website of the school and various notices are given on the official website of this educational institution so that the students can view it through net connection. Mohammad Jasim Uddin Majhi is currently the headmaster of Pirojpur Government High School.

He always takes exceptional initiatives for the students regarding the education of this educational institution so that the students can take the subjects of study with ease. Pirojpur Government High School was established in 1909 AD and from that time till now this educational institution has made considerable progress.

At present the students of Pirojpur district participate in the admission test every year for admission in this educational institution. This educational institution is one of the educational institutions in Pirojpur district in terms of various facilities.