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The results of the final examination of the Masters final year 2017-18 session can be viewed by visiting the official website of the National University. If you have participated in the examination of this session, you will be able to view these results from 7 pm today and a notification has been issued by the National University in the afternoon to view these results.

Moreover, many students have already been able to see the results in siblings. So to see the results of your exam, you have to enter the link of the official website of the National University as per the guidelines of showing our website and see the results from there. Result

The final exams of the National University for the 2017-18 session ended in 2021. Although the test is expected to end in 2020, things have changed because of the Corona situation. Due to the sudden impact of the Karna situation inside the country, the education system was severely damaged and every educational institution was closed down. The examinations of these students were postponed and the examinations were resumed when the Corona situation was somewhat normal. However, for the second time, the test was postponed again due to a terrible infection in Corona.

Thus all the examinations of the students are held a total of three times and the examination is over. Moreover, Practical and Viva examinations are conducted in each college and students participate in all the examinations and complete their examinations. So many of you are participating in various colleges across Bangladesh to complete your Masters and are waiting to see the results of this exam. Because we know that a significant course in education life is a postgraduate degree. This degree is a very important subject in different jobs as well as in various private job sectors.

National University Result 2021

So those who have been waiting for this degree for a long time will get this degree today and for that you have to see the results. To view these results you must enter the link on the official website of the National University which is provided on our website. So to see the results, enter the link of this website and go there and select the masters option as you will see the results of the masters.

Then you have to login with the roll number and registration number of your masters exam and enter the year of the exam. However, even after the end of your exam in 2021, you will be considered as the examinee of 2018 and for this you have to mention 2018 as the year of your exam in the blank field. In this way, after giving all the information correctly, by clicking on the submit button, the results will come in front of you and you will be able to see the results of your masters course by looking at the results.

NU Result BD

However, out of the candidates who participated in the final examination of this Masters in 2018, 67.18 students have passed. So special congratulations from our website to those who have been waiting for this result for a long time and have worked hard to get this degree.

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