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Authorities have released the results of the 2018 Masters Prelims for students studying under the National University and participating in the National University. If you want to collect the results of this test of yours, then learn the proper rules from our website and see these results in a short time in the right way. This has been arranged for our student siblings so that they can see the results quickly and accurately and understand what the results have been like. So read this post to see the results of National University Masters 2022 i.e. Preliminary regular students.

Undergraduate students in all the educational institutions under the National University have the opportunity to study for a master’s degree. But those who have studied under the degree certificate and pass course have to go through some steps to be admitted in the final year of Masters. They have to apply for admission in an educational institution where Masters can be graduated according to their degree examination results and according to the degree examination results they get a place in the merit list. Result 2022 Masters Preliminary Check Link

They then start preparing for the Masters Preliminary Examination after completing the admission and after completing this preparation they participate in the examination on the scheduled day and complete the examination. In the same way, the preliminary candidates of the first phase of the 2018 Masters were waiting for the results of the examination even after participating in the examination.

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Finally a notice is issued by the National University regarding the publication of these results on February 1 at 10 pm and these results are uploaded on the website. You need to use your roll number and registration number to view these results.


Moreover, if you want to see the results, you have to enter the original website of the National University to see the results. For those who do not know the address of the original website of the National University, copy this address from our website and enter it from any browser and click on the result option and by clicking on the preliminary result you will see two fields for placing roll number and registration number. By providing the correct information there, you will be able to see and confirm the results by clicking on the submit button.

There are many people who enter the wrong website and cannot see the results from there and suffer from depression. I will tell them that you have done well on our website and from here you will get the right direction. However, many times due to server problems, you cannot access the official website of the National University even after providing all kinds of information or even after clicking on the submit button, the result page does not load. In that case, be patient and try again.

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