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NU Honours 1st Year Result 2022 Published nu.adu.bd results 2021

If you are a National University 2020 Honours first year candidate then your exam is already over and maybe you are waiting for the exam results. So when the test results are published, the method to be used to see the results will be discussed on our website today.

Because many students are participating in this test for the first time at the honors level, many people do not know the rules of checking the results. Many people do not have internet connection support so they cannot check the website and see the results. In that case we will discuss the rules for viewing the results via SMS here and if you are interested to know about this post then keep reading till the end of the post.

For National University students, we provide regular check-in support. If you are a National University student and have participated in the 2020 Honours first year exams, you will be able to see the results of this exam in March 2022. Because three months have already passed since the end of the test and the chances of this result being published after preparing the results are very close. You usually enter the website after the results are published.

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But many people do not know which website this result is specifically seen and by visiting other websites you come out instead of seeing the results. But today on our website, as an honors first year student, you will know the official website of the National University and from there you will know the rules for viewing the results. https://www.nu.ac.bd/results/ Website is the address of the official website of the National University and here you can go directly to the page to see the results.

Once there, you will select Honors and First Year and then your results will be displayed there only after submitting the roll number and 2020 as the year of examination. Therefore, for your convenience, since the link to the official website of the National University is provided above, you should enter the official website of the National University without looking at other web sites and see the results from there. However, in most cases there is a problem with the official website of the National University and due to server problems you will see the results by trying again and again.

If someone lives in a remote rural area and does not have a phone with rich internet connection, you can see the results via SMS. To view the results via SMS, go to the message option of your mobile phone (NU H1 Roll Number) and write an SMS like this and send your written SMS to 16222.

This will deduct the prescribed amount of balance from your phone and in a short while a return SMS will come to your phone and through that SMS you will be able to know the result of Honors first year examinee. Stay tuned to our website to get all the information related to National University.

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