Nawabpur Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

You all know that you will not have to take any kind of admission test to apply for the new class 2022 in every government school. This is because taking admission test for corona situation will increase the health risk of the students and can cause a lot of harm to the students.

Therefore, like last year, for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2022, students will apply online and a lottery will be held only for those who will apply and those whose names will be drawn in the lottery will get the opportunity to get admission in Nawabpur Government High School.

For admission in Nawabpur Government High School you can go to the website GSA Teletalk com BD and complete all the information correctly and complete the application process within the stipulated time. Moreover, those who do not know how long this application process will last and when it will start, know that this application can be made from 25th November to 8th December 2021. So those who have decided to be admitted in the new class of Nawabpur Government High School 2022 in Dhaka, apply within the stipulated time and confirm the application by submitting the application fee.

Nawabpur Govt High School Admission Result

When you apply for Nawabpur Government High School, you will be able to choose a total of five schools along with four other schools. The lottery will then be held on 15th December for the applications of those who have applied for government schools and the results will be announced in this lottery.

The names of the students who got the chance in the lottery will be published on the website mentioned above and those of you who get the chance will be confirmed by informing them via SMS on their phone. Moreover, if you want to know the results of Nawabpur Government High School, you will find the results of this test in the form of PDF file on our website.

Nawabpur Govt High School Info

The motto of Nawabpur Government High School is light in education. With this principle in mind, the head teachers and students of the educational institution jointly spread the light of education among themselves every year. The medium of education is being able to achieve good results every year.

Madam Rebecca Sultana, the headmistress of the educational institution, under her supervision is always planning far-reaching lessons for the students so that a student can achieve good results every year as well as gain an idea about their textbook and use it in later life.

Nawabpur Government High School has 1110 students and the educational system of this educational institution is Bangla Medium. Although Nawabpur Government High School is a kind of campus in a city, there is ample space through which a student can utilize his inner talent not only in learning but also by participating in various co-educational activities and recreational activities. Nawabpur Government High School is situated on the side of Dhaka Kaptan Bazar and in this educational institution classes from class III to class X are taught.

Although various types of sports educational institutions are run, one magazine is published here every year and the name of this magazine is Sandeepan.