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Nawab Fazunnesa Govt Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

Nawab Fazunnesa Govt Girls High School Admission Official Website Link

Those of you who want to be admitted in Nawab Faizunnesa Government Girls High School of Comilla district in 2022, should know that although this school holds admission test every year, no admission test will be held for 2022. Then the question may come to your mind that then how the students will be admitted. The Government School Admission Authority has issued an admission notification regarding the admission process of the students and according to this admission notification the students will apply online and a lottery will be held with the applying students.

Students who get a chance in this lottery will get admission in Comilla Faizunnesa Government Girls High School. So you have to apply online till 5 pm on December 7 to participate in the lottery activities. After providing all the information of the application, when you get the user ID, you will submit the application fee of Tk 110 for the application of five schools through Teletalk SIM recharge on that user ID. Moreover, after completing the application, keep a copy of the application.

Nawab Fazunnesa Govt Girls High School Admission Result

To get the results of Nawab Faizunnesa Government Girls High School, you have to enter the website of Government School Admission on 15th December. This is because the Government School Admissions Authority has announced the admission notice that the students can apply till the 8th and on 15th December a lottery will be conducted with the students according to this application. All the students whose names will be picked up by random selection will get the opportunity to get admission in the school of their choice through this lottery.

So you can go to the official website on the appointed day and view the results with the user ID and PIN number as well as get the results in PDF file format on the official website of the school. So be patient and wait for the results.

Nawab Fazunnesa Govt Girls High School Info

Nawab Faizunnesa Government Girls High School is a reputed educational institution in Comilla district. The motto of this educational institution is read in the name of your Lord. In other words, all the students and head teachers and other teachers of the educational institution believe in the principle that if the students study here in the name of the Creator, the progress of their studies will increase. Established in 1876, this educational institution is located in the city center area of ​​Comilla and every year many students participate in the educational institution admission test.

Moreover, this educational institution is able to achieve good results in various board examinations within Comilla district. In addition to regular classroom lessons, students can concentrate on sports here and there are a variety of co-curricular activities where students can develop their inner talents by participating. The educational institution for girls is an important educational institution within this Comilla district and if you want to get admission of your child in this educational institution, apply within the stipulated time.

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