Online MPO List 2022 New School, College, Madrasah Bangladesh with Non MPO List

2022-23 MPO Salary Educational Institutions The list of names to be announced in the new budget has been announced. Many of the educational institutions involved in the teaching profession are not covered by the MPO salary and for this they may be deprived of many benefits.

Therefore, every year many educational institutions across the country apply online to be included in the MPO paid educational institutions. In 2021, according to this application, about 8000 educational institutions have applied from all over Bangladesh, but at the time of announcing the new budget for 2022, a total of 2500 educational institutions will be covered under MPO. So even if you have applied online for MPO for this educational institution teachers and staff, find out from the new list whether you have finally been selected for this opportunity.

Teacher MPO List 2022 PDF

Those of you who are involved in the teaching profession will announce the names of these MPO educational institutions from our website as per the announcement made by the Prime Minister and other high ranking officials and we will upload the list of those names on our website.

Online MPO List 2022 Download

The educational institutions that want to be covered by MPO schools in 2022 have already applied online and after this application, the verification and selection committee of the Ministry of Education scrutinizes the educational institutions and then hands over a draft to the Education Minister and other officials.

Later these lists went to the Prime Minister and work is now in full swing on which educational institutions will be included in the MPO educational institutions. So if you want to be covered under MPO Paid Educational Institution then you have to apply every year and increase the standard of education in educational institutions, just like this educational institution you can check this result from our website or official website .

When you are covered by MPO paid educational institutions, it will be seen that you are able to avail various facilities. A budget of Rs 250 crore has already been earmarked for setting up MPO educational institutions by 2022. We have come to know that the teachers will be given a new salary list as well as one month’s salary after the MPO is established.

Non MPO School List 2022

So the Ministry of Education or the Prime Minister has done a good job by visiting our website to get the list of names of all the educational institutions which have been registered as MPO or the list of those educational institutions and we will provide you the list of those names.

Since this is still a work in progress and the final results have not been released, please wait a bit and hopefully when these results are released in July you will all be able to see if your educational institution has been MPO registered.

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MPO School & College List 2022

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