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Matripith Govt Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Those who are preparing for admission in government schools in 2022 should know that this admission test will not be held. The government school admission authority has said that the admission process will be conducted through lottery instead of the admission test of the students. So to be admitted through this lottery process you have to apply online and the address of the application through online is GSA Teletalk com BD.

If you enter the mentioned website then two options will come up and within these two options you must click on the application option for admission in government school. Then enter all the student information and birth registration number there. If you provide all the information of the parent of the student by looking at the national identity card of his / her father and mother then there is no possibility of any mistake.

Then the student has to fill in the details of the district in which he is currently staying and the school in which he wants to be admitted. In this way, if you fill in all the information, then you will be asked for one more piece of information and that information is in which class you want to be admitted in case of admission in Matirpith Girls High School. If there is an option of admission in Matirpith Government High School in the mentioned class then you must put this school first in the list of choice.

So you have to complete the application online from the 25th of November to the 8th of December and to complete the application completely submit the application fee of Rs. 110 as the application fee to the student’s unique user ID. Once all the activities are completed, the computer operator or the shopkeeper of the online service will submit a copy of the application to you and you should save the copy of this application carefully.

Matripith Govt Girls High School Admission Result

Preliminary application for admission to Matirpith Girls High School ended on December 8. On the basis of this admission application, Government School Admission will evaluate the application of the students and will conduct a lottery program to look into the errors of the application. All the students who will pass the lottery process through internet will get a chance to get admission in the mentioned school.

According to the admission notification, the Government School Admission has informed that the results of this admission will be published on the 15th of December and on the scheduled day you can go to the official website of the Government School Admission to see the results. So follow the above rules to see the results of Matirpith Government Girls High School and if you can’t see and write from there, follow this post on our website so that you can see the results later.

Matripith Govt Girls High School Info

Matir Pith Government Girls High School is a reputed educational institution for girls in Chandpur district. The students of class VI to X of this educational institution are studying regularly and at present the number of students in this educational institution is about 1200.

As soon as you enter the main building of this educational institution which was established in 1921 AD, all you will notice is “Welcome to the realm of knowledge.” So this school is an excellent school for your child to acquire knowledge.

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