Kustia Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

For those of you who want to apply for admission in Kushtia Zilla School, an application for admission has been published. In this admission notification you will be able to know all kinds of information and you will also be able to know the date from which to apply. However, on the basis of this application you can apply for a total of five schools within Kushtia district and the application deadline is from 25th November to 5th December 8th.

No application will be accepted after the stipulated time and as a result no student will be eligible for lottery. So if you want to participate in the admission process through lottery, you have to apply within the stipulated time and after completing the application, you have to pay the application fee of Rs 110 through Teletalk SIM recharge. So as long as you can apply at the nearest online service shop or sitting at home.

In this case the student has to provide all the information and all the information of his / her guardian and the students who want to be admitted in the class have to provide other information besides mentioning the class. So you can apply for Kushtia Zilla School admission and wait for the results.

Kustia Zilla School Admission Result

The results of the application of Kushtia Zilla School are available on the website of Government School Admission. This is the lottery process conducted on the basis of the application of the students when they apply online and the students who get the opportunity through this lottery have to be admitted by fulfilling the conditions of the school.

Therefore, the Government School Admission said that the results will be published on 15th December and from that time students will be able to view the results on the official website with their user ID and PIN number. So go to the Government School Admissions website to see if all the schools you have listed have a chance for your student and see the results from there.

Kustia Zilla School Info

Kushtia District School is a reputed educational institution within Kushtia district and many students are studying in this educational institution. At present, students of class III to class X of Kushtia District School are studying regularly and students are admitted in class III and V through admission test every year. Kushtia District School was established in the year 1961 and since then it has been able to achieve the best results within the said district by participating in the board examinations every year.

Every teacher of this educational institution is active in teaching the students and this educational institution adheres and observes the subjects in a way that the students can easily understand if they drink. Students can achieve good results in Kushtia District School every year and by participating in educational activities in different cities of this educational institution, students can get better position at district level and departmental level every year.

So we will tell you that if your child’s education system is living within Kushtia district then you must fill the admission form of this school and get your child admitted accordingly.