JSC Result 2019 by SMS (Mobile Message System Included)

Do you know that jsc result can be check by mobile SMS? Yes, from recent three or four years Education Board has created opportunity for checking jsc result 2019 by sms.

Many of us don’t know how to type SMS for checking the result. This article is written to teach them the complete process of collecting jsc result 2019 by mobile SMS.

Want to know the process? Then read this entire article to get idea about the process.

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JSC Result 2019 SMS

Junior School Certificate(JSC) examination result 2019 has been published. This year more than 2.5 million student have taken part in the examination. Education Board announced the result on December 24 2019 at 2:00 p.m. The result is approved by Education Minister and our honorable Prime Minister.

JSC Result 2019 by SMS

Now the result is available in the education boards official website. You can check the result from the website. Internet connection is must for checking the result online.

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But what to do if you don’t have internet connection connected on your devices? Yes, there is another option for checking jsc result 2019. The process is mobile SMS method. Some people call it mobile message option for checking jsc result 2019.

This article is written to people about mobile SMS method. Here we elaborately discussed the process.

SMS Method of JSC Result 2019

SMS method becomes very popular in recent years. Bangladeshi people are liking this method. Because you can check your result without any long wait. You will get the result instantly when you send the sms to 16222.

Do you know the appropriate SMS format for getting jsc result? We think that you don’t know. Don’t worry then. Because we will give you proper guideline for checking the result through sms.

SMS Format for JSC Result 2019

SMS format for getting Junior school certificate result is given below.

JSC Space First three letter of Board name Space Roll number Space 2019

Send the sms to 16222 number. SMS charges 2.60 applicable for every SMS. you can use any of your mobile network provider like grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink & Teletalk.

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JSC Result 2019 SMS all Education Board

There are 8 general education boards and two more Education Boards. And they are Technical Education Board and Madrasa Education Board. All education boards jsc result can be checked by sending SMS.

16222 is the destination number. You can send SMS to this number by using any sim card. When the authority received your SMS, they will reply with your result.

But there is difference between the keyword of SMS. We will provide all the keywords to send SMS for every education board.

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Now we will discuss elaborately the SMS method for every education board.

Dhaka board SMS method

Majority of student from Dhaka Education Board check their jsc result from online. This is comparatively easy method.

And as you know that in Dhaka board is developed area in Bangladesh. Internet access is every iron in this world. So it is very easy for them to collect their result from online.

But there is a class of people who don’t have internet connection. That’s why they have to depend on mobile message system. There is a prescribed format for SMS to check jsc result.

Want to know SMS format of Dhaka education board for checking the most awaited result? Then take a look at the below snippet.

JSC DHA 765456 2019

The keyword of Dhaka board is DHA which is the very first letters of this board name. The SMS should be sent to 16222. Sms charge 2.5 Taka applicable for checking Dhaka Board result.

Rajshahi board SMS system

Rajshahi education board was established in 1982. After the establishment it has many development. Some of they are digital result making system, online result Publication system and SMS result checking system.

From last few years it has developed a software for checking result by sms. Anyone can check their result of this education board by sending a SMS to the server of rajshahi board.

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Number of rajshahi board jsc result server is 16222. The server will be remain open for checking result after 2 p.m. and result Publication day. And rajshahi Board jsc result Publication date is December 24, 2019.

Want to check rajshahi Board jsc result by sms? Then follow the tutorial. Here we will show you the exact SMS method for getting jsc result 2019.

At first open mobile message system. Then click on write message option. Type the message we showed below.
JSC RAJ 765456 2019

Finally send the message to the server at 16222. Sms charge 2.50 Taka applicable for every SMS. You have to wait for some moments to get the result.

Chittagong board SMS System

Chittagong education board has recently changed their name as chattagram board. This name come into use after Bangladesh government changed 6 district spelling.

By the way for our users we use past spelling as Chittagong. So let’s come to the point.

Recently the result of chattagram board has been published. This year thousands of student Have attended in the examination.

The result can be downloaded in two methods. Very first method is online method. And the second method is SMS method. First method is comparatively easy.

But you should not be tensed for second method. Because here we will simplified 2nd method or SMS method.

To check Chittagong Board jsc result by sms you can use any of your mobile network provider.

At first open write message option from the mobile message menu. Then type the letters we provide below.

JSC CTG 765456 2019

You have to be accurate while typing. Because if you mistakenly type, then you should be failed.

And finally send the message to 1622 number. Chittagong board authority will send you the result of your jsc exam 2019.

Jessore Board SMS System

Jsc result of Jessore board along with all other world is going to be published on December 30, 2019. The result of Jessore education board will be connected using many methods.

You can check your result of Jessore Board from online. But you may not like the method. Because this method consumes your valuable data.

So what is the alternative of this method? There is an alternative method by which you can collect your jsc result of Jessore board without internet connection.

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And the method is mobile SMS system. Yes by using SMS you can easily collect your result. Here we will Describe the method properly so that you can acquire knowledge about it.

To check your jsc result 2019 of Jessore board by sms, you need to go mobile message menu.

You have to click on write message option. Then you should type the exact keyword we provide here
JSC JES 765456 2019

Send the sms to 16222 number. You have to remember that sms charge applicable for every single SMS.

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Syhlet Board SMS System

As you know that a small number of student have taken part in examination from sylhet board.

According to a report published on daily star, only 70,000 student have taken part in examination 2019 under sylhet Education Board. This number is comparatively low to other board.

The board have two system for checking result. One is mobile message system and another is online system. We will discuss here. But before that please say us what option will you like very much.

In our previous article we have discussed on line method. you can check the method by clicking here. Now we will discuss elaborately the SMS method.

To check Sylhet Board jsc result 2019 by sms, you need to send a message to 16222. The SMS format is given below.

JSC Sylhet 765456 2019

And send the sms to the desired number. SMS charge Dhaka 2.5 applicable for every SMS.

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JSC Subject Code

Do you know that there is a particular subject code for every single subject? Subject like Bangla English Mathematics has different subject code. And they are unique.

You need to know subject code for every subject if you want to JSC Board challenge.

Short code for Education Board

You need to know Education Board code for checking your jsc result by sms. Short code of education board is the first three letter of board.

As a example we can say about Dhaka board. The short code for this board is DHA.

We will show you board code of every educational Board for general and exceptional. We hope that you will collect it for checking your jsc result by sms.

1. Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

2. Rajshahi Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

3. Chittagong Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

4. Comilla Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

5. Sylhet Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

6. Barisal Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

7. Jessore Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format

8. Mymensingh Board JSC Result 2019 SMS Format