JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number

JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board is going to be announced on December 31, 2019. JSC result 2019 of Dhaka board will be announced with marksheet and number. Are you looking for the result? Then read this article. Because in this article we talk about how to collect jsc result 2019 Dhaka board with number and marksheet.

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So read this article to learn everything related to JSC result of this Education Board.

JSC Result Dhaka Board

According to a declaration by Dhaka Education Board, the most awaited JSC result 2019 is going to be published on December 31. This is the official announcement from high official of Dhaka Education Board.

JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board Marksheet

Earlier on December 15, Bangladesh education ministry has ordered all Education Board to announce JSC result.

This year examination was started on November 2, 2019. And more than 1.5 million students taken part in the exam. Among them 8, 00,119 girls and 7, 56, 000 boys have seated for the JSC exam 2019.

On November 2, JSC Exam begins with eight general education Boards. Dhaka board has largest number of examines and the number is about 4, 00,000.

And the lowest number of students taken part in the exam is Sylhet board. From Sylhet board only 72,000 examines have taken part in junior school certificate examination.

The examination was held at 260 exam centers. But this year there is a natural disaster. So the exam routine has changed several times.

Math and Science examination shifted in 2 days. That creates chaos in the examination environment. And the examination was successfully ended on November 14, 2019.

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Now it is time to announce JSC result 2019 Dhaka board.

Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019 Publish Date

Many of you have asked us that when the JSC result of Dhaka board will be announced.

To give them the answer we have collected some information from Dhaka Education Board. Those information are taken from high officials of Dhaka board.

Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019 Published Date is December 31, 2019

The result will be declared with marksheet and number. Anyone can collect the result from this board after the result published.

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How to Check the Result

Many of us don’t know the process of checking Dhaka Education Board JSC result 2019. It is a matter of great sorrow. There are many reasons behind this.

By the way, in this article we are going to teach you the process of collecting Dhaka Board JSC result 2019.

To download Dhaka Board JSC result you need to follow some steps. And the steps are described below.

At first open your internet browser. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for better experience. Then visit the official web address of Education Board. And the address is http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/

The website is serving results for more than 10 years.

On the website you will find option for checking your junior school certificate examination result. It will ask you to provide some information before checking the result.

You need to profile provide roll number registration number Education Board name and examination.

You may be asked to a Captcha code. Solve the Captcha challenge and click on submit button to check your result with marksheet.

Check Dhaka Board JSC Result by SMS

There is a great opportunity for checking jsc result 2019 of Dhaka education board by sending mobile SMS. The process is very easy and simple.

Anyone can send SMS to 16222 number and get their result checked. But there is a required method or format to check result.

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At first open mobile message option. Then click on write message. Now type the exact format we are providing below.

JSC DHA 123456 2019 → 16222

The format means that JSC stands for Junior school certificate. DHA is the first 3 letters of Dhaka board. The numbers means your roll number. 2019 is the examination year. And 16222 is the desired number.

Then send the message to 16222 number. You have to remember one thing. SMS charge is applicable for sending the SMS. You can use any of mobile network to send the message.

We hope that you have successfully downloaded your result by sending SMS.

Marksheet of Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019

For past few years jsc result is published with marksheet. The result come out along with marksheet and number.

In JSC result marksheet mean total obtained number in particular subjects. But before the result was only published with letter grade such as A+, A, A-.

Anyone can collect their marksheet of every education board. Like that Dhaka Education Board has already declared that they will publish jsc result 2019 with marksheet.

But do you know how to collect jsc result 2019 Dhaka board with marksheet? If you do know it, then it’s ok. And if you don’t know it then read the below passage on jsc result 2019 marksheet of Dhaka board.

How to Check Marksheet of Dhaka Board

To check marksheet of dhaka Board jsc result 2019, you need internet connection. At first time data or connect to the Wi-Fi Internet.

Then open one of your internet browsers that could be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then visit the official website of Education Board which is eboardresults.com.

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On that website you will find menu for checking your Junior school certificate result with marksheet. Click on the result menu.

Then select your education bird which is Dhaka. After that you have to put your roll and registration number in the blanks.

Now solve the captcha challenge they ask you. Finally click on submit button.
We hope that you have checked your marksheet of Dhaka board.

How to Check Number of Dhaka Board JSC Result

Are you looking for jsc result 2019 number of Dhaka board? You are on the right place. Because in this article we have discussed how to collect jsc result number of Dhaka Education Board.

The process of checking Dhaka Board jsc result 2019 number is very easy. Anyone can check their result of Dhaka Board from their official website Dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd.

Do you know how to check the result with number? If you don’t know then you should read this paragraph.

To download the number of every subject at first you have to visit eboardresult.com. You have to provide some information to the website. So that they can manage to show your number.

The number of every subject have been stored to the server of eboardresult.com. When you put your roll number and registration number, the website search for your result.

If you are provided information are correct then your result will be shown.

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JSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board by EIIN Number

Educational Institute Identification Number(EIIN) is used to check complete result of any educational institution. Using this number you can check your educational institution jsc result 2019.

If you have the EIIN number you can easily download full result of your educational school. To do so just simply put this number to a website to download total result of Junior High School certificate examination.

We will describe the process elaborately so that you can learn that. Follow the step by step process for collecting the result by EIIN number.

At first visit the website of eboardresults.com. The website have lots of options for checking any examination result published in Bangladesh.

From the menu choose Institute result. Then a pop up windows will come. Select your board name and examination name. Then put your EIIN number.

Fill the captcha code and finally click on submit button. Therefore full result sheet of your educational institute of jsc exam will downloaded automatically.

JSC Result 2019 https://www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/

www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd is the official website of Dhaka Education Board. This education board was established in 1987. After the establishment it gains very much popularity in Bangladesh.

Jsc result of Dhaka board will be published in the website of this board.

So that result can be download from this website. There is easy navigate system to result page of this board. You can simply check your result by this Education Board.

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For that at first you have to visit the website then click to result page. When the page loaded you have to input your examination name.

After that you have to select your board which is Dhaka board. When you are done, you need to input your roll and registration number.

Finally click on submit button. That’s all. You will get jsc result of Dhaka board.

Dhaka Board School JSC Result

In 2019 more than 3000 schools participated in the JSC examination. Number of students of those schools are more than 5,00,000. They have seated for jsc Examination on November 2, 2019.

According to information, about 90% student have successfully passed the examination. About 10% student fails to pass the important examination.

Students of this Education Board collect their jsc result from their schools. The result will be available on schools at 1:00 p.m. on December 31st. You can easily collect the result from the schools.

Dhaka Board Class 8 Result

Dhaka Education Board class 8 final result is going to be declared on the same date. Most probably you know that class eight result is also known as Junior school certificate result.

About 8,92,500 students have taken part in class 8 examination. Download your class 8 result simply by visiting our website officialresultbd.com.

Dhaka Board JSC Scholarship Result 2019

It is to be noted that every year Dhaka Education Board offers scholarship money to JSC pass students. Last year in 2018, more than 3000 students were selected for government scholarship.

It is hoped that this year about 4000 student will get scholarship money for performing better in jsc exam. Every scholarship holder student get Taka 800.

You can easily collect jsc scholarship result of Dhaka Board from our official website. Click the link below to get your scholarship result.

JSC Britti Result 2019 Dhaka Board

Are you looking for britti result of Dhaka board for exam 2019? Then you are welcome to our website. From here you can easily get your jsc britti result. Just click the link below and go to jsc scholarship result page.

JSC Board Challenge Process of Dhaka Board

If you are not satisfied with your jsc result, you can easily apply for re-scrutiny your exam script.

For that you have to apply online to Dhaka Education Board authority. After your application they will re-examine your answer script.

Most probably you know that it is time consuming process. So you have to wait for a few days to get your result.

But it is matter of great sorrow that, many of us don’t know how to apply online for jsc board challenge. Here we are going to teach them the entire process.

To apply, at first you have to go to your mobile message option. Then you have to write the message we provide below.

You have to remember that you should not miss-type the SMS. And finally send the sms to 16222 number.

Best School of Dhaka Board According JSC Result 2019

There are thousands of schools in Dhaka division. All of them are under Dhaka Education Board. Therefore they all have participated in jsc examination. The jsc result has just published. And it is seen that all schools don’t make equal result. Some of them have done Brilliant result while some have worse.

From recent years, Government Laboratory High School is doing best results. But still we haven’t information about this year result. So you have to wait for sometime to know the name.

  1. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College
  2. Government Laboratory High School
  3. Ideal School and College
  4. Rajuk Uttara Model School & College
  5. Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
  6. Dhaka Residential Model College
  7. Holy Cross Girls’ High School
  8. St Joseph Higher Secondary School
  9. Monipur High School
  10. Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School

Grading System

Many of us don’t know how to evaluate GPA. For their help we are here to show Grading system of JSC result. You can take a look at your marksheet and get complete idea about grading system. Here is a image of a marksheet.Grading System

On that image, you see that the total marks of examination is 100. It is divided into six grade. They are A+, A, A-, B, C, D & F. A+ is for obtaining 80+ marks in the examination. On the contrary you will get F grade if your marks is below 33. So 33 is the pass marks and you will only pass the exam if you get 33-100 marks.

Therefore, GPA or Grade Point Average is calculated point system. That means there is GPA 0-5. If you fail in any subject, then you will get GPA 0. On the other hand, if you get A+ then your GPA will be 5. GPA 5 is considered as the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board কখন দিবে?

Answer: JSC Result December 31 tarikhe dibe.

Question 2: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board কবে দিবে?

Answer: JSC Result December 31 tarikh dupur 1tar somoy dibe.

Question 3: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board কিভাবে পাবো?

Answer: JSC Result Online & SMS er maddhome paben.

Question 4: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board সহজে কিভাবে দেখবো?

Answer: JSC Result amader website theke khub sohoje dekhte parben.

Question 5: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board কত তারিখে দিবে?

Answer: JSC Result December 31 tarikhe dibe.

Question 6: JSC Result 2019 Dhaka board কবে প্রকাশ হবে?

Answer: JSC Result December 31 tarikhe prokash hobe.

Conclusion: We hope have that you have successfully download Dhaka Board jsc result 2019. Please let us know if you find it difficult. Leave a comment below so that you can learn your problem. Don’t forget to share this article with your Facebook friends.