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Jenaidah Govt Girls High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Every year students are given admission in government girls high school through admission test. But in 2022 the Admissions Committee has set the policy that students will be given admission through lottery instead of admission test. Many students will get in trouble if they take admission test because of the situation and because of this only students will apply online instead of admission test to avoid health risk of students and according to this application they will be able to get admission in new school. Therefore, according to the information of the new admission committee, Jhenaidah Government Girls High School will admit the students who got the opportunity through lottery.

So to be eligible for this opportunity, you need to apply online by December 8. Students must provide information and birth registration certificate number when applying. In addition, the student’s parents have to provide all the information and upload the newly taken picture of the student. After completing all these tasks, a student will be given a designated user ID when he / she prints the application copy online.

In this user ID he has to pay Rs. 110 as application fee. Since in this application you can put a maximum of 5 schools in the list of preference, choose Jhenaidah Government Girls High School at the top of the preference list and choose four more schools. However, you will have the opportunity to be admitted to different types of schools only when you specify which class you want to be admitted.

So complete the application in this way and save the copy of the application to yourself. Besides, all such work will be handled by the Government School Admission Authority and you will get all kinds of updated information on the website of Government School Admission Authority.

Jenaidah Govt Girls High School Admission Result

Government School Admission will announce the admission results of those who have applied for admission in Class IX of Jhenaidah Government Girls High School on 15th December. Students will be able to view the results on the Government School Admission website on the scheduled day. In order to view these results, the student has to login with the user ID and PIN number and it will be mentioned which school the student has got the chance of his choice.

When a student’s assigned school gets a chance, the school will complete the admission by fulfilling all the conditions. If there are vacancies after the admission of the first merit list, then the second merit list will be published and accordingly more students will have the opportunity to be admitted later.

Jenaidah Govt Girls High School Info

Jhenaidah Government Girls High School is a notable educational institution for girls and the educational institution under Jessore Education Board achieves good results every year. This educational institution enhances the reputation of the school in the learning environment and the active participation of the students in every subject.

The head teacher of this school and other teachers always play a conscious role in education and every year a variety of cultural events are organized for the students including sports. This educational institution has been making steady progress since its inception.

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