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Islami University Admission Result 2022

The D’Unit of the Islamic University is the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Education. Bunch committee was formed for the purpose of admission of the first year of graduation honors in the academic year 2020-21. Although the Islamic University is a member of this committee, it conducts separate admission tests for the D unit. Admission test of D unit is accepted by Islamic University.

All the students who took part in this test will be able to see this result today. Because Islamic University gives marks to the candidates by looking at the register and prepares merit list. So if you or any of your friends around you have taken the D-Unit admission test of Islamic University, you must ask them to check the results. Then they can view the results from the Islamic University in PDF file format and with roll number.

In the academic year 2020-21, a cluster admission committee is formed so that students from all over the country can participate in the admission test at the same time. The bunch at the Islamic University included the admission process. It was agreed to take admission test in Islamic University.

However, due to some differences between the subjects of all the universities and the subjects of Islamic universities and being an Islamic university, there are separate faculties on theology and Islamic education.

The Islamic University accepts the admission test of the D-Unit of the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Education separately. Many students from all over the country participate in this admission process and they regularly participate in the admission test. We know that they are interested in seeing their results after participating in the admission test. The Islamic University Admission Test Committee evaluates the books of the candidates and gives the results.

Due to the limited number of seats in this faculty, Islamic University has provided results in PDF area. Moreover, you can see the results with the roll number of the admission test. Those who have not yet seen these results will download the PDF file of the results of the admission test of the D Unit of the Islamic University from our website. Moreover, by going to the official website, you will see the results with the roll number.

It is to be noted that the number of seats in Islamic University D Unit i.e. Faculty of Theology and Islamic Education is 240. There are three departments in the D unit of the Islamic University. All the candidates who have passed the HSC examination of 2019 and 2020 in this admission test get the opportunity to apply. As per the previous rule, their number 80 test was held. There are 60 multiple choice questions and 20 written short questions.

Candidates for this admission process have to complete their application process by 17th October and admission test is held on 2nd November as per notification of Islamic University. So by looking at these results today, you can know for sure how much your charge is in the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Education of the Islamic University.

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