HSC Civics and Good Governance 1st Paper Question Solution 2021 Published Today [CQ & MCQ Answer]

HSC Civics and Good Governance 1st Paper Question Solution 2023 Published Today [CQ & MCQ Answer]

HSC Civics MCQ Question Solution 2023 Download All Board of Barisal Board, Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Gazipur, Jessore, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Madrasah, Technical Education Board.

If you are a student of the Humanities Department of 2023, then today you have taken the exam on the subject of politics and good governance. All the students who took part in this test are expected to pass the test very well. After completing the test, many students have different kinds of confusion with the answers to different questions. So to find out how many of the questions you have answered in the test center are correct and how many are wrong, check out the solution of the first paper question on your policy and good governance from our website.

Experienced faculty members who provide solutions to these questions are being provided to you so that you can match the answers to the questions. That’s why you can easily match the answers to the questions and there will be no confusion.

HSC Pouronity 1st Paper Question 2023

The HSC exams of 2023 were held in December and the journey of the exams started with the commencement of the exams of the science department. However, the examinations of the students of the Department of Science and Commerce have been held so far. The examinations of the students of the Department of Humanities started for the first time on 19th December, 2023.

Humanities students’ civics and good governance exams start at 10 am today. A total of nine Board of Education students from all over Bangladesh participated in the examination and they appeared at the examination center following the rules of hygiene.

HSC Civics and Good Governance 1st Paper Question Solution 2023

They had been preparing for the test for a long time. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, the students have become reluctant to study and they have neglected their studies a lot. As a result, many of them found the question paper difficult to answer all the questions from those present at the examination center. However, those who have been preparing for the exam before the exam questions are much easier. The 2023 HSC candidates are given the opportunity to take only 45 marks in 1 hour 30 minutes without giving 100 marks.

HSC Civics Board Question 2023

In this 1 hour 30 minutes time they have to answer three creative questions. Moreover, in the case of multiple choice answers, they answer 15 out of thirty multiple choice questions. Even then all the students could not give correct answers to 15 multiple choice questions due to the negligence and reluctance of the students to study. So they came out of the test center and wanted to see the answers to the correct questions.

Since we have been providing solutions to multiple choice questions in each of the science and commerce departments, we will be able to provide accurate answers to each of the multiple choice questions for the students in the humanities department. So keep a regular eye on our website to know the correct answer for every subject of your department. Moreover, give the next test in a good way and you should study carefully during these few days of the test.