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HSC Accounting MCQ Question Solution 2021 Published by Dhaka Board

For HSC candidates of 2021, our website is regularly providing solution of questions. Those who have participated in the HSC exam of 2021 and would like to see the solution of the question after coming up with the exam should visit our website regularly. Today, through this post, we have given you the first paper question solution of Accounting especially for HSC candidates. Accounting is an important subject for those who study in Commerce and through it students can know all the information related to accounting.

To find out the solutions to all the math and other questions that came up in the accounting exam, go to the bottom of our website and see the solution of the correct and accurate questions from there. The solution to the questions on our website has been prepared by experienced teachers and shown to you so that you can see the correct answers to all the questions.

Every year HSC examination in our country starts in early April. But in 2021, due to the ongoing situation, it was not possible to open the educational institution within the stipulated time and it was not possible to take the exam. Although the test was not taken, the test is being taken in a limited way without auto pass like last year.

So the students are studying for the exam and by participating in this exam they have to increase their learning and knowledge enrichment to some extent. However, due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, many students have dropped out of school and the repetition within them has stopped. So many students who could not answer the question at the test center, somehow left the test center to answer and would like to come home and check the answer to the question.

But you have to look for the correct answer as the answer to the question and in this case by looking at the solution of the question on our website you can know the answer to the correct question and also get an idea about how many marks you can get in the exam. So always keep a regular eye on our website to get the right question solution.

It is to be noted that 45 mahfils were held in the HSC examination of 2021 and one hour and thirty minutes were given for its examination. Students appear at the test center and answer the transportation selection question within 30 multiple choice questions in 15 minutes. Also in the remaining 1 hour 15 minutes they provide answers to all the creative questions from three creative questions. In this way, the students attend the examination in accordance with the hygiene rules of the examination center, participate in the examination and complete it. So no matter how you pass the exam, take a look at the solution of the question from our website and start preparing for the next exam according to the solution.

Since the test is being conducted on a limited scale, the questions here will be very difficult and critical. So you have to read the exam very carefully for a few days and keep in mind that you have to pass the exam in a good way. Because if the result of the examination is bad in any way, you will not be able to pick up the form for admission in public universities. So our website has come up with a solution for you and good luck to every student.

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