HSC 2023 Short Syllabus Published All Subject by Bangladesh

For those who are going to participate in the SSC and HSC exams of 2023, a new news regarding the exam has been provided. It has also been informed when the SSC and HSC examinations of 2023 will start.

Therefore, as a student, you should always be up-to-date on all the information provided by the head of the Department of Education and if you prepare accordingly, you will be able to achieve success. We all know that 2022 SSC and HSC exams will start recently. In that test, students will be tested in all subjects except information and communication technology and all subjects related to religion.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF

According to that time, in 2020, students did not pass the next class through auto cell without taking any test, but in 2021, the test was taken on three subjects according to the category of students. However, in 2022, students will have to take exams in all subjects except ICT.

সম্পূর্ণ নতুন সিলেবাস প্রকাশিত। এখানে দেখে নিন

But the students of 2023 will have to participate in the examination of all the subjects and in this case the question paper of perfect number will be prepared. In other words, in the three-hour test, the students have to answer the question number 100. But if you try to prepare from all the chapters of a book, the preparation of the students will be completely random and they will not be able to prepare well.

HSC Routine 2023 Published

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 All Subject

Therefore, in a discussion meeting today, the Ministry of Education, along with the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, said that the students will be tested on all subjects above the short syllabus. And this information will be useful for students of both SSC and HSC levels.

এইচএসসি পরীক্ষার রুটিন ২০২৩ এখানে ক্লিক করে ডাউনলোড করতে পারবেন

HSC 2023 Bangla Syllabus

So those of you who are SSC and HSC candidates and will be participating in this exam in 2023, so if you can prepare well from now on, do so. But since the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has not yet prepared and published that short syllabus, we cannot provide it to you.

HSC 2023 Bangla Short Syllabus

Since we are constantly updating our students with every piece of information about education, students will be able to collect this short syllabus in PDF format when they visit our website later. So wait for the short syllabus without reading all the chapters before the exam and keep preparing accordingly when this short syllabus is published. Then within this time you will be able to revise all the topics and all the chapters by preparing well.

HSC 2023 English Syllabus

You can visit our website regularly to get any kind of information related to education and later a short syllabus will be arranged for you to download on our website in PDF file format. If you have participated in SSC exam in 2023, then your exam will be in April and HSC exam will be taken in June. Thank you for reading this post on our website from beginning to end.

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Link

1. Bangla 1_HSC 2022

2. Bangla 2_HSC 2022

3. English 1_HSC 2022

4. English 2_HSC 2022

5. ICT_HSC 2022

6. Physics 1_HSC 2022

7. Physics 2_HSC 2022

8. Chemistry 1_HSC 2022

9. Chemistry 2_HSC 2022

10. Biology 1_HSC 2022

11. Biology 2_HSC 2022

12. Higher Math 1_HSC 2022

13. Higher Math 2_HSC 2022

14. History 1_HSC 2022

15. History 2_HSC 2022

 16. Islamic History & Culture 1_HSC 2022

17. Islamic History & Culture 2_HSC 2022

18. Civics 1_HSC 2022

19. Civics 2_HSC 2022

20. Economics 1_HSC 2022

21. Economics 2_HSC 2022

22. Logic 1_HSC 2022

23. Logic 2_HSC 2022

24. Sociology 1_HSC 2022

25. Sociology 2_HSC 2022

26. Social work 1_HSC 2022

27. Social work 2_HSC 2022

28. Geography 1_HSC 2022

29. Geography 2_HSC 2022

30. Business Organization and Management 1_HSC 2022

31. Business Organization and Management 2_HSC 2022

32. Accounting 1_HSC 2022

33. Accounting 2_HSC 2022

34. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 1_HSC 2022

35. Finance, Bangking and Insurance 2_HSC 2022

36. Production Management & Marketing 1_HSC 2022

37. Production Management & Marketing 2_HSC 2022

38. Islam Shikha 1_HSC 2022

39. Islam Shikha 2_HSC 2022

40. Child Development 1_HSC 2022

41. Child Development 2_HSC 2022

42. Food And Nutrition 1_HSC 2022

43. Food And Nutrition 2_HSC 2022

44. Home management1_HSC 2022

45. Home management 2_HSC 2022

46. Agriculture 1_HSC 2022

47. Agriculture 2_HSC 2022

48. Psychology 1_HSC 2022

49. Psychology 2_HSC 2022

50. Statistics 1_HSC 2022

51. Statistics 2_HSC 2022

52. Soil science 1_HSC 2022

53. Soil Science 2_HSC 2022

54. Home Science 1_HSC 2022

55. Home Science 2_HSC 2022

56. Arts and Craft 1_HSC 2022

57. Arts and Craft 2_HSC 2022

58. Arts & Textile 1_HSC 2022

59. Arts & Textile 2_HSC 2022

60. Arabic 1_HSC 2022

61. Arabic 2_HSC 2022

62. Sanskrit 1_HSC 2022

63. Sanskrit 2_HSC 2022

64. Pali 1_HSC 2022

65. Pali 2_HSC 2022

66. Light Music 1_HSC 2022

67. Light Music 2_ HSC 2022

68. Cassical Music 1_HSC 2022

69. Cassical Music 2_HSC 2022

70. ED 1st paper 180

71. ED 2nd paper 222

72. ED 2nd paper 182

73. ED 2nd paper 183