GST Admission Result 2023 Check Link

The results of the GST Admission Test Unit held in 2023 have been released today. Those of you who participated in the admission test of this unit held by GST and have not got the result yet, enter the official website of GST and check the results with your roll number there. A large number of students from all over Bangladesh took part in the GST admission test and completed the test on the 17th.

After the completion of the examination, the GST authorities evaluate the register of the examinees and prepare merit list and according to the students are nominated to study in the university. Similarly, if you have participated in this GST test and if your test is good, then you must see this result and make sure.

One lakh 38 thousand 931 candidates from all over Bangladesh participated in the GST admission test. All the students who have passed HSC in the Faculty of Science all over Bangladesh get the opportunity to apply for the GST Unit Admission Test. They completed the initial application online according to an admission notification to be admitted in the first year of the 2023 honors.

After the initial application is completed they are nominated for the final exam on the basis of GPA. As such, 1 lakh 30 thousand candidates get the opportunity to take the exam in this unit of the Faculty of Science i.e. GST.

So those who participated in the admission test of this unit will be the first to enter the official website of GST. Then you will give your test roll number there and fill in the required information and see the results. You can see these results through your mobile phone in any computer shop or in one room. The results published in GST have announced the merit list of the examinees and the name of the preferred university.

The admission test for the GST unit was held on October 17 at 12 noon. This test is held for 1 hour and students are required to answer 100 mark questions. Since the students are participating in the examination of this unit from the Faculty of Science, they have to answer most of the questions related to science. Moreover, they answered questions in Bengali and English and answered a total of 100 questions. Students who have answered the correct question incorrectly will be deducted 0.25 from the answer number of the correct question.

Moreover, the answer sheets of about two and a half thousand students in the admission test of this unit of GST have been canceled due to various reasons. However, those who want to know the GST cut mark should know that the candidates who have got marks above 50 in the country will get the opportunity to be admitted in the GST unit.

Moreover, many times there is an opportunity to get admitted from the waiting list, so you can wait until then. First of all you have to go to the official website of GST and from there you can see the results of this unit of GST and find out the name of the specific university.