Ganobhaban Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

If you want to apply for admission in Ganobhaban Government High School located in Dhaka, first of all apply according to the admission information of 2023. This is because there has been some change in the admission process of students for the purpose of admission in the new class of 2023. Admission test will not be required in 2023 where many students take the test against one seat each year.

Students will only apply online and the authority will conduct lottery activities based on their application and publish the results. So you can apply on your own initiative by visiting the GSA Teletalk com BD website to apply within the stipulated time.

In case of Ganobhaban Government High School application, the student provides his / her own information and the information of his / her guardian. In this way you can complete the application of Ganobhaban Government High School and wait for the result and check the result using the student’s user ID and PIN number on the appointed day.

If you are unable to complete the application on your own, go to the nearest online service store and apply there. However, if you mention any box at the time of application, then if the student gets a chance, he must show all the documents of the box. Otherwise the student will lose the eligibility for admission.

Ganobhaban Govt High School Admission Result

We know that many students have applied for admission in Ganobhaban Government High School and after this application many students are wondering when their chances will be and when the results will be released. Since the Government School Admission Authority is conducting all the admissions activities for public and private educational institutions all over Bangladesh, the results of these admissions will be prepared by the Government School Admission Authority and these results will be uploaded on the official website of Government School Admission on 15th December.

Students will be able to go there and see the results and find out if the five schools of their choice have got a chance inside. If given a chance, the students will be able to complete the admission process by contacting the specific school and fulfilling all the conditions.

Ganobhaban Govt High School Info

Ganobhaban Government High School was first established as Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Government Junior School and later the educational institution survives under its present name. This educational institution is located in Gona Bhaban area of ​​Dhaka and has been regularly imparting education to boys and girls in this educational institution.

This educational institution was established in the year 1980 and since then the students of Ganobhaban area of ​​Dhaka have been studying in this educational institution regularly. Every year through the admission test, the students get the opportunity to study in this educational institution. At present about 1800 students from first class to tenth class are able to study regularly in this educational institution.

The boys and girls who study in this educational institution study in the morning and day shifts. This educational institution under the Dhaka Board of Education conducts regular examinations and every year the educational institution is far ahead in the board examinations. At present Ganobhaban Government High School has a yearbook called Ankur and students can develop their talents by participating in various co-educational activities.