DU Admission Result 2023 PDF Published Today A, B, C, D Unit

Admission test of D and E unit of Dhaka University has been completed recently. Many departmental students from all over the country participate in the admission test and through their test performance they are able to secure their seats. So for those of you who are confident that you will get a subject to study in this public university after coming through the exam, I will tell you that you can be absolutely sure by looking at this result.

DU Admission Result 2023 PDF

Our website will give you accurate information about when the results of Dhaka University D Unit and E ‘Unit admission test will be published and where you should go to see these results. Dhaka University is the Oxford of the East and here every year many students participate against the specific seats through admission. All those who get GPA at SSC and HSC level are given a fixed number and those who are at the top of the merit list by participating in this test will be given a chance to get admission in these units by giving marks in multiple choice written test.

Every year many students desperately take preparation for admission in this famous university called Oxford in the East and their meditation-knowledge is to confirm a certain subject of Dhaka University through admission test. So those of you who will be able to see the results on the specified day to see the results of the admission test of Dhaka University D unit i.e. the admission test which was taken on the 10th.

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But many students do not know when the results will be published so they will not be able to see the results at the specified time and a kind of anxiety will work inside them. We know that the admission test of D unit of Dhaka University is taken on 10th June and the test of F unit of Dhaka University is taken on 17th June. I am going to give you important information through today’s post as many people are not aware of the fact that after taking this test, the students will evaluate the answer sheets and the results will be prepared and published.

Dhaka University Admission Result Published Today 2023

I would like to say to those who have participated in the D unit admission test and would like to complete their graduation in a certain subject by changing their department by participating in this admission test, your results will be published by 11th July without publishing too soon. Because if only multiple choice answer sheets were evaluated, it would not take much time to evaluate the answer sheets.

But it will take some time to prepare your results in this case when the answer to the written question with multiple choice questions is properly evaluated and the number is given above the writing quality when the result will be given. So I ask you to wait till July 11 and those who have participated in the examination of Unit F or E will take part in the examination held on 17th and stay with our website to know when the results of the examination will be published.