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If you want to see the solution of the 2021 D unit admission test questions to be held at Dhaka University, you can see the solution of this test question from our website. The admission test of Unit D was held on 23rd October for the purpose of admission in the first year honors of Dhaka University in 2021. After the test is held, the candidates find the solution to the question to match the correct answer of the question paper.

That is why our website has been given the solution of the examination questions of the D unit of Dhaka University by eminent and experienced teachers. So if you feel the need to see the solution to the question then be sure to go to the bottom of our website and see the solution to the test question from there.

DU D Unit Question Solve 2021

Admission test of unit D was held on 23rd October along with completion of admission test of other units in Dhaka University in the academic year 2020-21. About 1 lakh 30 thousand students participated in the admission test of Dhaka University’s D unit in 2021. They have already completed the online application process as per the admission notification of Dhaka University. Later, as the examinations of different units were held, the examinations of D unit were also held.

The examinations were conducted in seven other departmental areas of the country, including the campus of Dhaka University, for the purpose of holding Unit D examinations. In 2021, about 1 lakh 30 thousand applied for the admission test of Unit D and 74 candidates participated for each seat. The d unit of Dhaka University has 1570 seats. So according to the calculations and according to the information of the examinees many examinees take part in the examination and fierce competition is created. Admission test of Dhaka University is taken in other places including Central of Dhaka University.

DU D Unit MCQ Question Answer 2021

So each examinee comes to the examination center in a row and completes the examination by participating in this admission test of one hour and thirty minutes. In the 2021 Dhaka University Admission Test, a total of 120 marks were held. However, the number 20 is determined on the basis of GPA obtained from SSC and HSC. Moreover, in the examination of one hour and thirty minutes, one has to answer multiple choice questions of 60 marks and written questions of 40 marks.

Since the answer to the written question depends on the quality of the examinee’s writing, we are not solving it here. However, you will find solutions to multiple choice questions on our website. Usually many test takers at the test center get confused seeing different questions. Then they leave the familiar answer by mistake and they come out of the test center thinking that they have made the answer to the question wrong or correct. So many examinees want to get out of the examination center and get the solution of the question and see the match.

DU D Unit Written Question Solve Download

For that purpose, we have come up with the solution of the admission test questions of Dhaka University’s D unit for you. If you look at the solution of the exam questions, you will understand how your exam went and how many marks you can get in the exam. So to know how much you are guaranteed to get a chance in the exam, you must look at the solution of the question paper.

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