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Dhaka University A Unit Result 2021 Download

After waiting for a long time, the admission test of B unit of Dhaka University ended. The examination is held on 2 October 2021 in different centers of the country including Dhaka University. Candidates usually wait for their results after the test. Because those who have given good exams think that they are more likely to be nominated through this result and they will get a chance in the admission test of B unit of Dhaka University.

Again many are waiting with fairly kind of exams to see what the results might be and whether he will try for another university. So if you want to see or know the results of Dhaka University B unit examination to be held on October 2, then there are some rules on our website that you can see through. Unit B candidates, if you do not know the rules, then find out the rules from our website.

The results of Dhaka University Admission Test are usually shown through SMS. Even then you can enter the official website of Dhaka University and see the results with your roll number. So let’s go to the bottom of our website and find out the results of the admission test held in the B unit of Dhaka University.

Admission test is held in Dhaka University every year and regular examinations are held in different centers of Dhaka city including Dhaka University center. But in 2021, due to the situation not being normal in Corona and considering the health risks of the students, this test was held in every department center including Dhaka University. Teachers of Dhaka University and Islam are present in this examination is taken in different parts of the country. Exams begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 2 and end at 12:30 p.m.

Many students applied for the B unit examination of Dhaka University and on the basis of this application 20 students tried for each seat. If you are interested in studying in the subjects of B unit of Dhaka University then you may have participated in the exam and now you want to see the results based on that participation. However, many test takers do not know how to view these results and what are the rules for viewing results in a fast time.

So for your convenience we have arranged to show these results on our website and you can also provide your number in the comment box of our website if you want.

Admission test of Dhaka University is held with 100 marks. Unit B has a total of 100 marks in Bangla English General Knowledge and Written Part. Everyone tried to answer the multiple choice questions but could not answer the written question in a beautiful and correct way. However, those who write relatively well and try to answer multiple choice questions are more likely to be nominated.

Every year many students try to get admission in B unit of Dhaka University and according to the number of seats, the required number of students get the opportunity to study. To that end, many students participate in the Dhaka University Admission Test in 2021 and complete the test by participating in this test on a regular basis.

So without further ado, if we show you the rules for viewing results via SMS, then you can know your own results by sending an SMS. Below are the rules for sending SMS as well as a demo to show you how to send SMS and how to reply to SMS. To get the reply via SMS, you just type the SMS and send it to the specified number.
DU <space> UNIT Keyword <space> Admission Test Roll and Send it to 16321.
Example: DU KHA 123456 and send to 16321
According to the above rules, if you send an SMS, your SMS will be sent in a short time and you will be able to know your merit list number through it. Moreover, you will know how much you got according to your GPA and test results. If you have not been nominated, you will be notified via SMS. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

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