Degree 1st Year Exam New Date 2022 Declared by

Those who were going to participate in the first year examination of Degree Certificate Pass Course under the National University in 2022 have had their examinations postponed from the National University. For those of you who are well prepared for this exam and are upset because of the sudden closure of the exam, information related to the announcement of new exam dates for the first year of degree will be discussed at the bottom of our website.

If you read this post, you will understand that the first year examination of your degree is likely to start in 2022. So read this post on our website carefully from beginning to end to know the important information about the date of the exam and you will continue to study accordingly.

জাতীয় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের চলমান পরীক্ষা সংক্ৰান্ত জরুরি নোটিশ ২০২২ প্রকাশ। এখানে ক্লিক করে দেখে নিন

Degree 1st Year Exam New Date 2022 Declared by

Honours 4th Year Exam New Date 2022 Declared by

It is normal for students to be upset when it is heard that the exam will not take place and the exam has been postponed for two weeks after taking the exam preparation very well. But avoiding health risks is more important than testing. About 12,000 people were infected with the coronavirus on the day the test was postponed. As the number of patients with corona virus gradually increased, the Ministry of Health closed down educational institutions to avoid health risks to students.Screenshot

Some steps have been taken to avoid health risks to students by closing all types of schools and college level educational institutions across the country. Moreover, notifications were issued in various places, including public places, to prevent the nation from gaining ground. However, the postponement of the first year examination of the degree does not mean that you have stopped studying. Through regular study you strengthen your preparation and through this you will be able to achieve good results in exams.

A notification was issued by the Ministry of Health on January 21 to close the educational institution till February 6. According to this notification, the first year examination of the degree including the honors fourth year examination has been postponed. Although the educational institution opened on February 6, it has not been announced yet when the examinations will be held under the National University.

So you can be sure that no exams will be taken before the 10th of February and in this case if the deadline for closing the educational institution is extended then you will start taking this degree first year exams. However, if the students stop taking the exams after taking the preparation, they will not have much willpower to take the exam in the same way as the preparation becomes much weaker in the past.

However, as a student and in order to get good results in the exams, you should study from time to time and if you are given any notice to take the exam from the National University, you will be informed through this post very soon.

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