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Cox’s Bazar Govt High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

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Did you know that Cox’s Bazar Government High School has published an admission notice for admission in 2022? If you do not know, then through this post on our website you can know all the information related to admission in detail. The Government School Admission Authority has said that instead of the admission test which was supposed to be held for the purpose of admission in the new class in 2022, the admission process of the students will now be conducted through lottery.

So you have to apply online for admission in Cox’s Bazar Government High School and if you do not apply online, you will not be able to participate in this lottery. The Government School Admission Application Circular states that the application deadline for public and private educational institutions across the country for admission in 2022 is from 25th November to 8th December and no application will be accepted after this period.

So apply for admission of your child in Cox’s Bazar Government High School within the stipulated time and fill in all the information requested in the application form by an experienced computer operator or an experienced person. Once the initial application is completed, a unique user ID will be provided for each student and you will have to complete the application by paying for this user ID. So if you want you can apply at Cox’s Bazar Government High School sitting at home or you can complete the application with the help of your nearest computer operator.

Cox’s Bazar Govt High School Admission Result

Did you complete the Cox’s Bazar Government High School application within the stipulated time? If you have completed the application, be aware that the results of your application will be published on the afternoon of December 15th. Moreover, after the results of the application are published, many people will go to the website and check the results, so there will be some pressure on the server and as a result, many may fail to see the results.

So be patient and try again later, log in with the student’s user ID and PIN number and see the results. According to the results, a student will get a chance to study in the school, he should complete all the admissions activities according to the conditions of that school and give the opportunity to study in the new class of 2022.

Cox’s Bazar Govt High School Info

The motto of Cox’s Bazar Government High School is that quality schools make a quality nation. Of course, this motto is very important and authentic. Because through a quality educational institution a student will always learn something good and will learn well all the things that are ethical. Therefore, the motto of Cox’s Bazar Government High School is very nice and all the activities of this educational institution are conducted according to the motto.

This educational institution under the Chittagong Board of Education was established in 1874 AD and since the British rule many students have been studying in this educational institution every year who are now at an important stage in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar Government High School can regularly accommodate students from class VI to class X and at present the number of students in this educational institution is about 2500.

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